5 Signs She Put You in The Friend Zone

Peep These Signs & Make Your Dating Life Easier

Friend Zone

A friend zone is a place that no man wants to be in when it comes to a woman they’re attracted to. That term stops a lot of men from being a boyfriend, a husband, a lover and more.

The reason I bring this topic up is to help my fellow men learn to not waste your time pursuing women that you don’t have a chance with. Please take my points in serious consideration and use them the best way you see fit.


The 5 Signs

She Doesn’t Make Time For You

Friend Zone
She will waste your time constantly.

Humans are complex but one thing about us is that we usually make time for what we want in life. If you’re constantly finding yourself chasing and fighting for an opportunity to chill with her that isn’t due to her busy schedule. Yes, life gets in the way at times, but if it seems to be happening frequently; Chances are she is not interested and maybe even giving her attention to another man.

When a woman sees you as more than a friend she will make herself available to you, via phone, in person and communicate she wants your presence. If you’re the last option and barely see her then move on to the next. No point in beating a dead horse.

A relationship takes effort from two, not one.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

Friend Zone
She might as well be in a protective bubble.

Physical intimacy is very important when a woman is into you. She will do small things such as brush up against you and use her body language to tell you she wants to be touched. From cuddling to kissing or even holding hands, you’re bound to experience some type of physical contact.

It’s more than sex, it’s the small things that lead up to the bedroom. If she isn’t letting you touch her or she isn’t making any advances to touch you or find an excuse to get close to you then welcome to the friend zone.

Keep in mind some women will be comfortable with physical contact sooner than others, and some can initiate physical contract and still look at you as a friend. It can be a very tricky thing to figure out at times, but just communicate your feelings in a healthy way if unsure.

Third Wheeling

Friend Zone
There is no us. It’s a trio or more.

Typically on a date, it will just be two people. You should be able to have her full undivided attention and no interference from family or friends. If every time y’all chill and her friend tags along then you can count you’re already in the friend zone.

Now in some cases, a woman could just be nervous about you at first and want a friend to accompany her which is understandable. If you start to notice she always wants a bestie along and makes excuses to chill when they can’t make it you then move on from that situation quickly.

It doesn’t matter if the friend is a man or woman, it just screams that “Hey I don’t want to be alone with you and want my friend to come no matter what we’re doing.”

No woman who likes a man wants to share his time with a friend. Alone time will be requested for the two of y’all to bond and build your connection. Don’t waste your time being a uber driver and entertainer for two.

She Constantly Mentions Other Men

Friend Zone
She will not shy from talking to you about other men.

This should be the most obvious one. If the woman you’re pursuing is talking about other men constantly chances are she likes them and is not interested in you. She sees you as a friend and someone she can seek advice for men.

Who knows a man better than another man right? Why run to her girlfriends when she has her male friend to turn to? This pill can be hard to swallow as you hear her ramble on about another guy and realizing that you don’t have a chance to be the one she wants.

Everyone needs someone to vent to and sadly she chose the man who likes her. All will be fine though, don’t take it as a reason to disrespect her. Accept it if you can and cherish the friendship if you wish to keep talking to her after this realization.

She Wants To Play Match Maker

Friend Zone
She will be your personal Cupid.

Now this one can sting some. The woman you like wants to set you up with another woman. This clearly shows the man she wants no parts as a love interest, but sees that you’re still a good man who can make a woman happy. Someone is out there for you, but it isn’t her.

Put your ego aside and use this as a way to meet other women and possibly your future wife. It will suck, but at least she still wants to help you find someone. A woman’s cosign means a lot and some men don’t realize when a woman gives you a good reference you can easily advance to a priority on their list.


Final Thoughts

To wrap up I just want to tell the readers the friend zone isn’t the worse place to be. Now times I’ve been friend zoned I won’t lie I’ve been salty, but as time progressed you start to see some people weren’t meant for you. When you find the right person you will know.

In this journey, I call life it’s important to have platonic friends. Having sex with every girl you like won’t mean anything once you leave this earth, enjoy your friendships and grow and help each other.



You also never know she may be a friend now, but down the road, something could possibly happen between y’all. 

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