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Ambition The Kid (Formerly of Pretty Ricky) – “Saddle Me Up” Music Video



In today’s music industry landscape, independence is highly esteemed. While the major label system presents its advantages and drawbacks, the prevalence of horror stories from numerous artists has led many to embrace the ethos of doing it on their own, offering a sense of peace of mind. Despite the formidable challenges of the independent grind, countless artists value the ability to operate on their own terms and, most importantly, maintain creative control.

Ambition The Kid, formerly known as 4Play from the Multi-Platinum group Pretty Ricky, poised to make waves in 2024. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Ambition The Kid has unveiled a new single accompanied by a lyric video titled “Saddle Me Up” featuring Jesse Mader and Amber Marie. The song’s poignant message resonates with those who have experienced heartbreak and disillusionment in love, yet find the courage to open their hearts again when that special someone enters their life, offering a second chance at love.

Check it out below:

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