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Marshall Special Education Instructor Charged With Student Assault



Fairfax County Police say that a teacher at George C. Marshall High School has been charged with assaulting a student with special needs.

Amy Bonzano, a 50-year-old special education teacher from Falls Church, was charged with two counts of assault. Police said that a school employee had seen the teacher hit a student and told the school administration about it. An investigation determined another teacher saw Bonzano assault the student six months ago, but that incident wasn’t reported at the time.

Police were notified of the incident on Oct. 13. On Friday, detectives got and served assault warrants against Bonzano.

As reported by WJLA, Marshall High School Principal Jeffrey Litz notified families about the arrest Friday.

“When the alleged incident happened on September 28, we contacted the family and the right people and put the staff member on administrative leave,” Litz wrote. “As the police reference, the investigation led to a staff member saying that they had seen a similar thing happen six months earlier but didn’t tell anyone. I want you to know that the person who didn’t tell anyone about the last incident was put on leave right away.”

Ashton Horne is an upcoming writer who currently resides in Harford County. He currently interns for TheDMVDaily as a journalist.

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