Adele has recently put out a new video for her song Oh My God, her next single off of her album, 30. The music video was directed by Sam Brown, who has directed her past videos like “Rolling In The Deep” with the same black and white aesthetic that is most notable for Adele in her video artistry.

Adele has been coming back into the music scene better than ever. After a divorce, weight loss, and other things; Adele is now back on top with a new man, a new look, but most importantly new music. Adele’s new album 30 is a heartfelt, vulnerable, and emotional 12 track masterpiece. Critics have said this is her best work yet, always exposing her soul through her music but showing a different side of her with vulnerability sexiness, and in great Adele fashion; heartbreak.

Most critics have reviewed the first song on the album “As You Like It,” or not. This song is different from the heartbreak Adele with a sad tune most people adore but as the songs transitions, We began to hear been here the first single released earlier this year as Adele was insinuating there was new music before the album. This was the first taste of seeing who this new Adele was but staying in the same Adele aesthetic. My “Little Love” seems to be a fan favorite as it shows a vulnerable side of Adele, being privy to what she felt in her new transition of life.

 Adele went through a somewhat public divorce from her husband of such years. Though she is going through the divorce romantically, she is showing an emotional side of her, explaining this to her child. An innocent person in this divorce, she didn’t think this was affecting until the story was told about how he fells through his eyes. Towards the end, she begins to express how she feels alone again, showing more emotion about what she went through in her divorce time. 

“Cry Your Heart Out” slides into a more upbeat “don’t worry be happy” sound telling one to literally cry their heart out, almost as if her inner voice is telling her it’s OK to show emotion. Also, saying it’s hard to face this pain constantly. “Oh My God” sounds like a song about feeling weary of the decision-making of the new road taking.  Maybe sex? Possibly another person? But it feels so right. Even with the song, “Oh My God”, it sounds like there’s a crossroads in a decision. “Can I Get It” possibly insinuates that the road that was taken was for sexual pleasures versus emotional, You tease me with your control,
Because I long to live under your spell, and without your love, I’m hollow… After that, I drink wine turns into a reflective turning point as Adele starts to learn about herself in this new life of being alone not her husband not the mother to her child but now who is Adele.
Hold on” is another reflective moment of the new changes making sense, and is this the same mistake. 

One of her most monumental emotional songs is titled “To Be Loved,” a six-minute song where Adele is pouring her heart out about what she’s felt about love now. There is raspy stress and emotional impact in her voice that makes it one of the most vulnerable songs that conclude the whole album of her reflection now being in her 30’s divorced with a child now transition into co-parenting understanding what love is and love is a game. Sometimes you sometimes win, you lose.

Coincidentally, her last song is titled “Love Is A Game” a more mellow song that seems like she is standing in solitude knowing what love truly is understanding through past lessons how she’s become the woman of right now and truly understanding Adele of now in current time.

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