Wale has dropped his seventh studio album titled  Folarin II. This is a sequel to his first mixtape  Folarin that he dropped in 2012. The D.C. Native rapper dropped a new project and fans are calling it one of the best works in his catalog. Wale is known for his mixing of classical 90s R&B music like SWV “downtown” on his song the truth on the project The album about nothing or gospel songs like” I’m blessed” by the Mississippi Mass choir for his song, Sue Me. Wale samples Faith Evans’s song “Caramel kisses” from her album All about Faith on his song Caramel. After the melodic tune of Caramel, the R&B vibe matching with beautiful verses and well-produced sampling seemed to transition to fluctuate. This track has a sample, leaving many fans stumped on what exactly the song is. Wale’s sampling has the tune of making heartfelt tracks that bridge the gap between R&B and hip-hop.

Specifically, Wale samples SWV in many songs so, it was no surprise that fans assumed the sample piece was something Brian A. Morgan, who is SWV lead producer, gave wale to sample. Some say the sample was a song by JJ Heller titled, what love really means.  In a series of tweets, Wale didn’t confirm what the sample specifically is, but did state it is an unreleased demo. 

Lyrically, the tone of the song is reflective. It seems to address the phoniness in the industry. He examines how money has changed the people around him especially in his inner circle. You gon’ question who you trust when that paper fluctuates, Know their love fluctuates And the haters fluctuate. They question who you trust when the paper fluctuates.  

There are other samples heard in songs like in the song Poke it out that had a beat with the mix of Q-tip song, Vivrant Thing. Name Bell Ring sampling dance hall artist Shabba Ranks, “Ting-A-Ling”, or Angles sampling the song ” I need a girl” by Diddy. Aside from song sampling, Wale also sampled a sound snippet from the Jamie Foxx Show where Jamie King aka Jamie Foxx sings to Fancy aka Garcelle Beauvais On Piano “Dearly Beloved”.

On this album, Wale has teamed up with many legendary artists such as Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman, Jamie Foxx, Yella Beezy, Maxo Kream, Chris Brown, J.Cole, and Rick Ross. Keeping the sound of his DMV roots, Wale also has local artists like Sauce Of BYB ( Backyard band) and Chris from TOB (Takeova Band).  

The theme of the albums is to be Wale Unapologetically giving himself the flowers that he deserves. Ending the album with Beverly Blvd, Wale is relatively showcasing his accomplishments “Honestly, I’m really one-of-one, I do the shit that they never done I see the shit they can never see”

Stream Florian II that’s available on all music streaming platforms.


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