April Artist of the Month: De’ja Mulan (@SuperiorAsian)

For April, we have selected De’ja Mulan for our Artist of the Month.


Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself?

De’ja Mulan: My name is De’ja Mulan. I am 24 years old. I am a Sagittarius, and I LOVE FOOD!!!!

Q: Where are you from?

De’ja Mulan: I am from Prince George’s County, MD. Suitland, Maryland, to be exact.

Q: What inspired you to start your music career?

De’ja Mulan: I was inspired to sing by the way music makes me feel. Music completes me and is my answer to everything. It is my purpose in life.

Q: How long have you been singing?

De’ja Mulan: I’ve been singing since high school (6 years). I started performing at school talent shows then at weddings before I started performing at shows.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with any other artists? If so, please name a few.

De’ja Mulan: I have collaborated with Kron (@kronismusic), who is a singer and producer signed to Atlantic Records. And I’ve worked with Tre Romell (@treromell), who is an up and coming rapper from VA.

Q: What are some of your lifetime goals?

De’ja Mulan: Some of the goals I have in life is to conquer all aspects of the entertainment industry. Acting, singing, dancing, hosting, fashion, reality tv. I also would love to become a food critic one day lol

Q: What do you have planned next for your music?

De’ja Mulan: My plans for my music this year are to complete my album and create more visuals. I also will continue to build my brand.

Q: How well do you take criticism?

De’ja Mulan: I love criticism! I’m always looking for ways to improve and perfect my craft. I want people to be able to point out things that I may not be able to recognize myself.

Q: What is your motivation or inspiration behind your mind?

De’ja Mulan: The motivation behind my music is my journey. I want to prove to myself and inspire others that despite the hard things you experience in life, you can still be significant.

Q: Talk about your latest project or single?

De’ja Mulan: My single that I have out is called “No Time ft. Kron” originally it was just a song we wrote and recorded in my house just to see how I would be as a recording artist. Once I started getting positive feedback, I decided to release it, and it became a success! The song inspired by the whole “independent women” movement.

Q: Do you support any other up and coming singers/rappers in your area? If so, what are they?

De’ja Mulan: I love supporting artists from the DMV because I feel like we don’t get the recognition we deserve. One person that I enjoy watching on Instagram is Amala Iyanla (@askaboutamala) her hustle is impressive. Another artist that I got to see grow is Alex Vaughn (@whoisalexvaughn).  We went to high school together, and she has always had the talent for singing.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in the music game within the next couple of years?

De’ja Mulan: In the next couple of years, I see myself on bigger stages, award shows, and tours. I hope to have a few businesses under my belt as well.


You can stay update with De’ja Mulan by following on Twitter and Instagram at @SuperiorAsian. Listen to her latest single “No Time ft Kron” down below.


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