April Entrepreneur of the Month: Damian Brown (Founder of The Uncaged Chefs)

For April, we have selected Damian Brown as our Entrepreneur of the Month.


Damian Brown is the founder of the popular brunch pop up The Uncaged Chefs located in Brentwood, MD. At the age of 25, Brown was already cooking in the kitchen at Vidalia and Blue Duck Tavern. By the age of 28, he joined the team at Takoda, becoming one of the youngest chefs in Washington, D.C. While working there, Brown’s menu gained a lot of notable attention and dazzled patrons with bold flavors and creativeness. After years of working in many “traditional kitchens,” Brown grew bored with the constraints placed on his menu. He knew that were much better opportunities, so he scouted and recruited the most talented up and coming chefs across the DMV. It was his drive and determination that created The Uncaged Chefs.



“You will be able to taste everything that’s on our menu before we open our doors to the world,” Brown said in a recent pitch.



The Uncaged Chefs create innovative and delicious never seen dishes. The chefs live to create unforgettable and never-seen-before dishes. I remember my first visit, and I had ordered Jerk Crab & Shrimp Pasta while my sister ordered Henny Mumbo Fried Chicken. After the first bite, my tongue buds were jumping for joy. The Uncaged Chefs are actively helping and motivating aspiring chefs in Washington, D.C. The secret to their success lies in dedication, skill, and boldness.



The Uncaged Chef is currently constructing the second location in District Heights, MD. In the meantime, please visit their central location at 3807 Rhode Island Ave Brentwood, MD 20722.

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