BAKERS AGAINST RACISM-All proceeds going to social injustice organizations!

George Floyd’s death has triggered a series of uprisings and protests in our country. In the wake of these events, many culinary activists have been getting creative using their platform to aid and support Black Lives Matter in any way possible.

Two of D.C.’s pastry chefs have created a campaign to help support social injustice organizations. Paola Velez, the award-winning chef from Kith/Kin and Willa Pelini who works at Emilies in Capitol Hill, have come together to jumpstart the Bakers Against Racism initiative. It all began with Pelini donating a dessert to Velez’s pop- up donut shop, and suggesting to send the earnings to Black Lives Matter. From there, the duo went further by coordinating a worldwide bake sale that has captured the attention of many bakers stretching from the U.S. to Australia. Starting today, June 15th at 5:oopm through Saturday, June 20th bakers across the world will be selling baked goods and desserts in support of Black Lives Matter. The proceeds will be donated to BLM chapters and other social injustice organizations across the country. The campaign intends to sell 150 desserts starting at $8 with a goal of raising $1,200 to support BLM.

The great thing about this initiative is–ANYONE can participate! Get over to your local bakers DMV’rs and support Bakers Against Racism! Baked goods are on sale for as little as $8, but all donations are welcome.

Do your part DMV foodies!

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