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Chuck Brown Foundation helping struggling Go-Go bands during pandemic



Wiley Brown, the son of Chuck Brown and founder of The Chuck Brown Foundation, says they’re providing a safety net for those people within the community by launching a ‘Go-Go Relief Campaign.’

The late Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown has made a significant impact in Go-Go, bringing the local music genre of undeniable kango beats to the District back in the early ’70s.

Just a few months ago, Go-Go was declared the official music of DC, but many of the bands who keep Go-Go alive are struggling because they have not been able to perform during the pandemic.


Some of the bands hit the hardest include Rare Essence, Backyard Band, EU, Serious Company, amongst other loved bands.

“With the help of the fans and you know, everyone involved, we’ll be collecting donations in order to disperse the money into those different bands,” Wiley told FOX 5.

For donations, fans and supporters can visit The Chuck Brown Foundation website to donate via CashApp.