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Don’s Armory Training Solutions Spearheading Black Gun Ownership in Baltimore




Meet Kawon Goodwin, a 25-year-old Gun Instructor from Baltimore, MD. Since a young age, Goodwin has been intrigued by guns since his grandfather taught him that everyone has the right to bear arms and learn how to use a firearm. Upon graduating from Frostburg State University, and receiving a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Goodwin took his passion for law and passion for helping others to teach and started Don’s Armory Training Solutions. Through his company, Goodwin is able to educate people on gun laws and show them how accessible it is to own guns legally. Kawon is the prime example of showing people you don’t have to be a navy seal to invest in training for you and your home. 




Goodwin got into gun training because he saw how the legal system and law enforcement officers disproportionately affected African Americans. His biggest goal in life is to help people and change lives.   Don’s Armory Training Solutions was created after Goodwin quit his job to pursue my dreams. He started his company with some guns and minimal ammo and has turned it into a progressive business that changes the lives of patrons. Dons Armory Training Solutions participates in all parts of the firearms business from building, advising, teaching, repairing, training and so much more.If you are in the Baltimore area and are looking for some high-quality training, be sure to check out Don’s Armory Training Solutions. Follow his business page @donsarmorytrainingsolutions and his personal page @scottie_bippin. For more information on training contact