Guapo Cobain releases new single ‘Aura’ (Out for the Night)

Guapo Cobain is up and coming artist hailing from Prince Georges County, Maryland. He initially began singing in the choir at the age of 7 and grew up in a household with many different music tastes surrounding him. Guapo’s mother is a gospel music lover, and his father was a huge reggae fan, this matriculated down to him and influenced his music taste.

In regards to Guapo’s music preferences, he listened to a lot of pop music on the radio, but as he grew older, he discovered Chicago drill rapper, Chief Keef. He recalls listening to Keef’s first single “I Don’t Like,” and at the age of nine, he thought to himself, “this is what I wanna be.” At that moment, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music and recorded his first song in the ninth grade; this was a chance for him to introduce himself to the world as Guapo Cobain.

The importance of having a strong support system and a team is something Guapo Cobain cherishes, to have like-minded people with similar goals and interests can keep one very grounded. Guapo formed a group called SGG (Stack, Grind, and Grow), which consisted of him and his childhood friends, SGG Cam and Artiisanfree, who rap as well. Later on, the group collaborated with another group that specialized in fashion and now know as Goon$ Music or G$ Music.

Guapo’s new single Aura (Out for the Night), produced by Black Mayo, is a feel-good song that all audiences can catch a vibe to! He drew inspiration from fellow Prince Georges County artist, YungManny, due to the melodic sound, singing mixed with trap. Guapo mentions that Yung Manny is one of his inspirations because he, too, is a teenager with African parents. He also enjoys, Xanman, and how he orders his album tracklisting by placing the trap and slower songs, it is also something he tries to implement on his projects.

Guapo’s shares that “I don’t really like to box myself into one genre, but I would have to say, I would put myself in the hip-hop category” he wishes to evolve musically and delve more into the R&B genre. However, the majority of the DMV tends to gravitate to the trap/rap sound, so he feels more inclined to cater to that demographic.

In a few weeks, Guapo Cobain is preparing for the release of his ‘Hey Guapooo 2’ mixtape, which will consist of 10 tracks and two features! This will be a part two to his first tape ‘Hey Guapooo’ which he released last year around this time. As an artist, he shares:

“I don’t do music for clout, I do music because I am passionate about it. With all the hardships that I have been through in life, music has taken me away from that reality and given me a new lens to look through”


Aura (Out for the Night) is now available on all streaming platforms!

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