HEROES Act $3 Trillion in COVID-19 Relief

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Today the House voted on the HEROES Act, with 208-199 vote, the bill passed. The latest bill emphasizes hazard pay for front-line workers, another round of direct payments, expanded virus-testing, and aid to state, local, territorial and tribal governments not allocated support in the previous aid package.

As bipartisan agreement initially stalled for the bill, house democrats continued to move forward in hopes of filling the gaps of the previous aid package.

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, mentioned: “This is an extraordinary crisis and the Heroes Act is a necessary and extraordinary intervention.” The bill includes $200 billion to essential workers in pandemic hazard pay and $75 billion for coronavirus testing, contact tracing, treatment efforts, and more.

The 1,800-page legislation hopes to increase various aid support such as nutrition assistance benefits, food assistance, housing assistance, U.S. Postal Service support, and increase unemployment insurance, amongst other initiatives.

Maryland U.S. Rep. David Trones, states the stimulus package is “essential.” The bill also includes requirements for public transportation, increases in mental health services, Census 2020 support, business protection, student loan forgiveness, and vote by mail measures for the November elections.

As recovery plans continue from state-to-state, the bill will provide $500 billion for state government, $375 billion to local government, and $100 billion for hospitals. The bill will now go on to Senate.


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