How Six Morgan State Students Saved Someone’s Day on Prom Night

On April 28th, Sheba Ndege came looking for her Make-Up artist (MUA), and she was nowhere to be found. After being rained on and standing near Morgan State University; she walked on campus for help. Two hours later, she was sent off to prom with her hair and makeup done with the help of Six amazing students at Morgan State. Myla McLeod. Jasmine Chapman, Jane Oge, Morgan Greene, Peggy Banks, and Shanelle Harrison were the students in came in the clutch.

In a sit-down interview on the campus of MSU; hear about what happened and the lasting impact of the situation from the six Morgan State students themselves!

Social Media of the Students

Jasmine Chapman
Twitter: @natureheadass IG: ok.j

Shanelle Harrison
Twitter @intellect_art

Jane Oge
Twitter& Snap:
IG: blamexmaryjane

Morgan Greene
IG: theywant_morg
Twitter: morgarita__

Peggy Banks
FB: Peggy banks
IG: pegsterr_
Twitter: PePeggPEGGY_

Myla McLeod
IG: mylabeatz
Twitter: mylabeat

Marquis Bailey

Fb: Marquis Bailey
IG: @almightyquis
Twitter: @almightyyquis


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