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Judge Peter Cahill Only Allows Portion of George Floyd Arrest Video Admissible

Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill rules portion of the officer’s body camera video during the time of George Floyd’s arrest to be admissible in the Derek Chauvin murder trial of Floyd on May 25, 2020.

“What I’m going to allow is a portion of the video tape of the one officer from the time he approaches the car until Mr. Floyd is out of the car in handcuffed,” said Judge Cahill.

Also admissible are the pills found in the crack of the back seat of Floyd’s car, which Fox 5 reported as meth and fentanyl founded by Chauvin, according to his defense attorney Eric Nelson. Floyd’s blood pressure and statements that were made for the purpose of the medical diagnosis would be allowed as evidence in the trial.

What is not allowed as evidence ruled by Judge Cahill is Floyd’s emotional behavior and calling out for his mother.

“Because of his emotion behavior in a state of mind is not relevant,” said Judge Cahill. 

Back on May 6, 2019, Floyd was confronted by police officers. He had swallowed several opioid pain killer pills as police officers approached his vehicle and were later sent to the hospital, according to Duluth News Tribune. 

The only thing admissible in the May 6 arrest is to show Floyd’s bodily reaction, his physical symptoms upon being confronted in the exact situation on May 25, which lead to his death.  

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