Most entrepreneurs possess five key characteristics: motivation, passion, vision, confidence, and decision-making. Many people tend to believe that entrepreneurs are born rather than made, well let me be the one to tell you that anyone can at least learn some of the characteristics that make entrepreneurs what they are. Today, I shine the spotlight on Rockell Jackson, the Founder of RJ Millennial Branding & Hire A Character. Rockell is from the Eastern Shore but resides in Baltimore, MD. We had the pleasure of speaking with Rockell and learning more about her business ventures. Check out our Q&A down below.

Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself?

RJ: Rockell Jackson. I am a female entrepreneur in the marketing and advertising industry. I am also an investor in real estate, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

Q: Why did you decide to become a business owner?

RJ: I am from the Eastern Shore of MD, where there are not many opportunities so you have to make them yourself. I also enjoy being able to set my own schedule and determine my own pay. I love being able to help others and my business allowed me to do this even more!

Q: How did the idea of RJ Millennial Branding come about?

RJ: In 2015 I was freelancing helping an artist with his music career and everything I did was targeted toward the entertainment industry. At one point I had so many people asking me for their help so I put everything I knew on a website and from there I had a business.

Q: How has your business expanded over the years?

RJ: The company was initially RJ Management in 2015 but later changed to RJ Millennial Branding so clients wouldn’t think that we only offered management services, but instead we can help their entire business with marketing and branding. The company, rebranded in 2020, officially being able to help all businesses, not just those in the entertainment industry while offering way more services and hiring 3 more employees.

Q: What services or products does RJ Millennial Branding offer?

RJ: We offer all marketing and branding services such as but not limited to Graphics, Custom Prints, Website Designs, Virtual Assistants, Business Plans, and more! If we do not offer a specific service, we help our clients find credible vendors.

Q: What have you found most challenging about operating your business?

RJ: Finding trustworthy and efficient vendors or staff. I make a lot of decisions on my own even if they aren’t the best, I find this out later. which isn’t always great news.

Q: Does your business give back to your community? If so, what have you all done so far?

RJ: Yes, we have helped coordinate and participate in 2 feed the Homeless projects in Baltimore City between 2016-2018. We hire Deaf individuals and give internships to students.

Q: What is unique about your company?

RJ: We give every client their own personal Branding Agent to assist them with any questions and placing orders. Clients love having one designed agent to help with all of their business needs. Our company offers marketing/advertising with a personal touch. Our agents and the overall company actually care about our clients and their success.

Q: Aside from RJ Millennial Branding, do you operate any other businesses? If so, please share?

RJ: Yes, I run Hire a Character, LLC  I started this business to pass it down to future kids. We have costume characters for any private or corporate event. I also have a website to shop from

Q: How would you describe your company’s success so far?

RJ: It has been a journey but well deserved, I have been patient, working hard, and learning something new every day. We measure our success by the income of course but also by the number of repeat clients we obtain. The number of repeat clients has been increasing yearly so that is a major accomplishment for us. I expect our next expansion to be in 2022 if we keep up at the rate we are going.



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