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Looking for Caribbean cuisine in the DMV? Checkout Island Boiz



Chef Ted Regis, along with three other colleagues, is the CEO and Part-Partner of the Island Boiz, a Caribbean catering service. They provide services throughout the DMV area, serving families and local events. Established in 2017, it wasn’t until Regis was working at Target as an overnight supervisor that he decided to push the business fully in 2019.

“It comes from a group of us. We’re all from the islands. It’s simply stating where we’re from and what we represent,” Regis stated.


He wants to bring authentic flavors with the taste he and his partners grew up with, which includes the flavors from Virgin Island, Trinidad, and Grenada. Dishes include, but not limited to oxtail, curry goat, curry chicken, and saltfish. However, during this time of COVID-19, it has almost brought these island boys to a full stop.


“We don’t want to endanger ourselves or anybody else. COVID has really taken a toll on our ability to do our events like we want to. It’s had a huge negative impact on building the brand and business,” Regis explains.

Although the business has not picked back up, at the end of 2020 they continued their monthly events called Grab and Goes. As a black-owned business Regis encourages his community by saying, “Stop being scared. Fear is the killer of dreams. We don’t try because we don’t feel safe. It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all. Chase your dreams, whatever it may be.”

Not only do Regis and his partners cater, but they provide food and necessities to those who don’t have access to three meals a day. You can follow Island Boiz Catering on Facebook and IG @islandboizcatering.