Lush Beauti Owner Kayla Looking To Dominate in Cosmetics

Introduce yourself and give us a background of yourself.

26-year-old loving mommy of 1 baby girl and a hardworking entrepreneur starting out my cosmetics line from the muscle! Pretty much what they describe a boss mommy. 

What was the motivation behind creating the Lushbeauti brand? What prior experience do you have with beauty products?

My motivation behind creating Lush Beauti was really my daughter. I was thinking about the future I want to be able to give her.  After being laid off from my full-time job where I bust my butt at; I realized wasn’t really appreciated as long as I showed up to make the next man richer. I grew up not being able to wear makeup, but when I was old enough to wear it I fell In love with it.

How did you come up with the name LushBeauti?

I came up with the name Lush Beauti because I wanted a name that would be classy and catchy that stayed in the category of cosmetics. So the word “luscious,” came to my head. I thought to myself that would be too trashy so I shortened it to be “lush.”  Beauty I just added because that’s what I want my customers to see and feel when they purchase from me. 

When was this brand created?

This business was created on April 1st,2020 

A lot of small businesses fail when starting up, what was the fear of launching this brand? Has any of that fear subsided since?

The fear of starting my business was always, “well I don’t have a whole bunch of money, how can I start a business?” “Where would I start as far as getting my products I wanna sell, and who will support me?”

That fear immediately becomes irrelevant when COVID-19 came about. I woke up every day like I have all this time on my hands I gotta start my business. This is a perfect time. Luckily I had a friend who had his own business and he was willing to give me the connections to get me started and I wasn’t about to take that opportunity for granted. 

It’s obvious you have a lot of competition as a lot of people are launching their own beauty product lines. What separates you from others and what should make people buy your products?

With a lot of other people starting their own cosmetics line I think what truly separates me is first knowing that we all can win because it’s money out there for everyone. Most importantly my love for cosmetics. It’s not just something I just sell to make money I actually use my products, and after I feel amazing. That’s the same vibe I’ll make sure to give to customers.

Pros and cons of being an entrepreneur?

The pros of being an entrepreneur would definitely be making people happy. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing you helped! Also just making your own schedule, the profit aspect of it, and having full control of the products. 

The cons of it would be people forgetting that your human and errors will happen. It’s important to remember every day is still a learning experience. Another is the workload is a lot for one person and maintaining the business while working a job. Limitations can be heavy at first but as the brand grows I’ll overcome those obstacles. 

What is your favorite product that your brand offers?

My favorite product my brand offers will have to be the lipgloss. Color lush to be exact I just think red compliments my skin. Plus it’s my brand name! 

In the next 5-10 years, where do you see the brand?

In 5-10 years I see my business definitely sold in stores, used by different celebrities & makeup artists I’m speaking it into existence now! 

Last but not least tell us where people can order your product from and give readers your social media! Also, give your shoutouts!

People can place orders now simply by just sending me a message on my business IG page. It’s the best way until my website launches! My business page is @lushbeauti_



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