Meet Atlanta’s Rising Superstar: Jiah

The music industry has been growing faster then we have ever seen before. Artist are starting to hit the scene with instant success. Most artist are beginning to learn how to become successful artist while being independent and it’s becoming to be the new norm. Let’s learn about an artist that everyone should pay close attention too.

Meet Atlanta’s emerging star, Jiah, a 20 year old artist & producer from Atlanta Ga. She comes with a versatile style, her genre of music consists of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop.  She goes by the name “superstar”. She wants her fans to know that they can also channel their inner superstar & follow whatever Dream it is that they have.

Jiah has been doing music her entire life. Her goal is to be the next biggest star in the music industry.  What we get from her is that she is truly dedicated to her craft. We spoke with Rahn Da Don, publicist and consultant and he told us:

“I first met Jiah at a studio in Atlanta, she was there until the sun came up. I was so impressed because so many artist that have good followings figure they can move at their own pace and think their popularity will get them where they need to be. Not her; I witnessed her go over the same lines repeatedly just to get the exact sound that she was looking for”.

A lot of artist can learn from Jiah. She has a business, she’s a full time student at FAMU on top of being a full time musician. Her drive is unmateched and fans and labels will see that immediately from her. Jiah has a vibe that is original and authentic, her music can relate to practically anyone. So stay tuned for Jiah’s upcoming music and news.  It will not be too much longer until she is the most talked about artist in the game.

Fun facts:

  •  She  has a twin brother
  • She plays  the piano & the electric guitar
  • She moves working out & also have a lifestyle & fitness brand.
  • She went to private school my whole life.
  • She attends FAMU.

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