Meet Cherae Leri, Houston’s TrapNB Hottie

Brimming from the hotness of Houston, Texas, Cherae Leri is a blossom of positive energy and singing prowess. Recently debuting her critically acclaimed first-ever album The Pain That Sex BringsLeri showcases her signature Trap R&B sound which not only appeals to R&B lovers but music enthusiasts of all spectrums and backgrounds.

From her vibrant personality, edgy style in a Rihanna type manner, beauty, unique genre blend, and smooth sound, Cherae Leri is the new IT girl in R&B everybody should keep their eyes on. I had the pleasure to hop on a Zoom call with the upcoming star but unfortunately, the video had issues uploading. So, therefore we resorted to posting an editorial with a few quotes from the interview.

What first captured my attention was the background setting of her Zoom. In a section of her house, she had bright lights and a bunch of flowers surrounding her in the fashion of Poison Ivy From Batman. Her natural speaking voice matches her beauty and for some reason, I’ve sensed feelings of joy just talking to her about life.

From her perfect skin to vivid hairstyles, you get a sense of stardom arising from the Cherae Leri.

We discussed various topics such as life in Texas, moving to Atlanta, her album & the reception towards it, her sophisticated edginess, and her natural aura; Leri is a star in the making, and picking her brain was a pleasure. In the year 2020, Cherae blossomed onto the scene with multiple major appearances and videos on BET Jams.

However, this was years in the making and Cherae had a few words about it!

“From bad deals to a pandemic, my resolve never wavered when pursuing this music shit,” she said. Cherae continued with “from putting out a project recently and the duration of the video for ‘Match The Motion,’ it was more of a daily test of keeping my creativity fluid instead of stagnant.”

With her incredible work ethic, Leri is working on more videos to put out and incredible music to make listeners fall in love. Also, she ventured into the merch game with apparel surrounding her signature “TrapNB” line. She shared a few words regarding this development.

“Just like Ri-Ri, I want me line to capture the sexy but genuine vibe,” Leri said. “It’s giving edgy but versatile vibes and I’m glad to finally drop it via my website! In  addition, we also are selling a dope limited edition rolling tray which is a personal favorite of mine!”

A charting debut album and new amazing clothing line is impressing fans all over the world. However, Cherae remains modest about it and hungry to take to artistry to another level.

“While I been in the game for a couple of years now, I understand that they’re still people out there I didn’t connect with yet via my craft,” she said. “In 2021, I shall continue to embrace my current fans and look for ways to continue to build my new fanbase!”

A dope soul inside and out defines Cherae Leri, it was a pleasure speaking with her and I co-sign her as an artist to lookout for in 2021. Her music is on all DSPs and videos are on YouTube. The Queen of TrapNB is not playing, she has some fire on the way soon!

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