Meet DMV Singer Santino Rose

Define your artistry in three sentences

I got into the studio most times with just a hook idea or melody and the rest is from the heart. I usually don’t use autotune so that how I feel can be captured. My lyrics are my life stories something I’ve experienced, went through or currently coping with. 

How has go-go, DMV regional music, influenced you musically? DC?

When I was younger I sang with multiple go-go bands. It gave me confidence. It sometimes put me in front of dangerous crowds who are brutally honest. If you ain’t crankin they will let you know. Straight up. 

DC? I grew up in the streets of DC. DC made me strong. Survival instincts are heard throughout my songs. I’m a singer but my lyrics reflect life stories that people may expect to only hear in rap songs. 

Take us through a Day in the life with you. 

I mostly chill during the day and come alive at night. Typical non studio day I play video games and study a lot of the legends on YouTube.  Studio days I try not to do too much. Relax, mediate and listen to rain sounds. In between it all I’m always thinking of new song ideas, singing and dance covers, photo shoots. 

Santino is an interesting name, where did that originate from? What does it mean to you?

Santino means little saint in Italian. Rose is from Tupac’s poem “The Rose That Grew from Concrete”

It means I can overcome anything regardless of how damaged I may seem I know there are some out there who can relate. 

When you’re in the studio, what’s your process? 

Go in there with a little buzz to take the edge off. No autotune just a little reverb. I try to knock out the hook first unless the song comes in with the verse and freestyle from there on. 

For collaborations, who would you ideally want to work with? 

Ideally, I’d love to collaborate with musicians, composers and other creatives. 

Where do you see your career in five years?

I’m hoping to be a well-respected artist by then. Hoping people understand the work I put in and how music is all I have. It’s everything to me.

If you have a million dollars in your hands right now, where would you invest it into and why? 

I might blow the whole thing on a recreation center, so the kids have somewhere safe. Would definitely Invest in my community, give back to the hood. 

Where can we find you and your music at?

music is on all the major platforms. I’m santinorosemusic and primarily can find me on Instagram and YouTube 

Final thoughts? 

I’m just grateful for everyone whose riding out this journey with me.  The question always comes up about leaving DC to become successful. I love it and I hope to be a successful artist here. 

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