Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce – Savage (Remix)

The hot girl, Tina Snow, aka Megan thee Stallion, drops a surprise remix with Houston Texas’s own, Beyoncé.

Megan and bey

A few months back, Megan teased her hotties with the Savage snippet, and it gained the approval of her fans, which led to the anticipation of the release. Rumors were circulating that Beyoncé was set to feature on the single, no confirmation was given, and soon after, the internet was in for a surprise. The single was initially released exclusively on the streaming service Tidal.


Megan thee Stallion is known for her raunchy yet woman empowerment music, and she can draw in the masses. Her social media presence allows her to create movements such as Hot Girl Summer and connect with her supporters on a personal level. Megan’s down to earth personality has allowed her to maneuver through the industry, make connections, and land features with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Wale, Juicy J, Da Baby, Chance the Rapper, and many more.


Savage is the second track off of Megan’s Suga EP. Initially, the leading single was “Captain Hook” until a young woman by the name Keara Wilson created a dance to the song “Savage” on TikTok, and it went viral. Over 19- Million of users began to participate in what is now known as the savage challenge. Celebrities from Janet Jackson, Normani, Keke Palmer, Justin Bieber, and many others joined in on the fun.


The remix begins with a verse from Megan, and she switches up the original lyrics, and right after the chorus, Beyoncé shows her versatility and proceeds to rap. We can tell that Queen B is privy to social media because she names drop OnlyFans and are familiar with the term, “Demon time,” originated by the Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez. Throughout the song, Beyoncé uses singing adlibs while Megan delivers on the remix.


Megan accomplished a huge milestone early on in her career by receiving a feature and cosign from Beyoncé. The Houston legend stay’s private but manages to be keen on new talent, by both of the women being from Texas it displayed the importance of women sticking together, especially within the music industry. In support of the COVID-19 relief, the proceeds from the Savage remix will be donated to the Bread of Life. This organization provides meals to Houston families to support those through the coronavirus pandemic.

The Beehive and the hotties much received savage, and we hope to see Megan thee Stallion and Beyoncé on another track together soon.





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