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Metro Enhances Security Measures to Ensure Passenger Safety



Metro has announced enhanced security measures to ensure passenger safety, including deploying special police officers on buses, trains, and at stations. These officers will be visible to riders, with announcements over train intercoms highlighting their presence. Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Anzallo emphasized the importance of building positive relationships between passengers and officers for a safer community.

WMATA is also utilizing its extensive network of over 30,000 cameras to improve incident response times and aid law enforcement in identifying and arresting suspects. A significant increase in patrols and enforcement efforts, in collaboration with local law enforcement, has led to a 300% rise in enforcement actions and a notable decrease in fare evasion, contributing to a 14% reduction in crime rates. This comes amid a 24% increase in Metrorail ridership and a 15% increase in Metrobus ridership.

WMATA General Manager Randy Clarke highlighted the importance of safety and the investments made in security measures, including personnel and technology, as essential to regaining ridership. The authority is also focusing on empathy and community engagement, with crisis intervention specialists and outreach programs to support its safety initiatives. Further information on Metro’s safety campaign can be found at

Abu Sillah is Business Owner from Prince George's County, MD. He serves as the CEO of The DMV Daily and Marketing Manager of The Wig Cafe. Outside of business and media, Abu is a middle school teacher and Promotions Assistant for RadioOne DC. He has a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and an M.A. from Bowie State University. Abu is very passionate about 3 things: media, working with kids and uplifting others,

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