Micca, The Afro Latina Queen From D.C.

Micca is an ambitious, beautiful, and humble Afro Latina recording artist hailing from Washington D.C. Other ethic backgrounds for Micca are African, Cuban, Polish, and Native American. Her immaculate musical abilities encompasses of intricate vocals, adept lyricism, amazing performances, trained in ballet, playing the drums, songwriting for other artists, and much more! Add in her cheery and bright personality, Micca embodies the term “Star.” The goals of her brand and music are to empower fellow women, promote a healthy lifestyle, and to promote inner peace with mediation. Her main influences are Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson, and Juvenile.

She has performed and made appearances at multiple venues such as Wizards halftime shows, was a guest at the 2020 Urban One Awards, and many more prestigious venues. Songs such as Afghanistan, Signals, and Mama garnered over 240k views on YouTube along with nearly 400k streams on all digital streaming platforms. Micca plans to build a music empire, own her music, and become an icon in the industry. With more music on the way, Micca plans to take over the industry one song at a time real soon. Other activities she enjoys are dancing, working out, and playing golf.

Explain your heritage

I’m what’s called a “multiracial”. Both of my parents are mixed, both of my grandmothers are mixed, my dads dad is mixed only my moms dad is not (he’s white).

The moniker Unicorn, describe it in a paragraph

I call myself a “unicorn” because the unicorn is mystically interesting and stands out. I like to present myself as an artist that keeps evolving  and can do any genre of music, dance and look. Unique is the only way to describe what I am thus making me a Unicorn!

You like rock music, describe your favorite bands

Green Day, Journey, Blink 182, Fun, Whitestripes

How has the DMV influenced you?

I’m from DC  and DC is it’s own world. As a kid you don’t know anything else exist that’s the culture DC has. I’m Gogo to the heart and it influences how I wanted my music to feel! LIKE ENERGY!

Give me a tour of DC! Spots to hit?

Parke, Bens Chili Bowl and The Tech House Art Show

What does Go Go mean to you?

Gogo definitely connects you back to African roots. The sound of percussion gives you a feeling that seems so familiar.

You met a lot of celebrities, which ones were your favorites?

Don’t have a favorite because they all were super nice to me and welcome me with open arms.

Who’s your team?

Management, PR and my family

Favorite cities you hit?

Havana, Dubai, and Vegas

You’re an amazing performer, describe where that coming from

My dad! He was a musician and performer and taught me how to entertain.

Goals for 2020?

Record deals and Releasing New Music


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