Four years ago, Lezley McSpadden’s life forever changed. She became another mother who lost her son to police brutality.

The name Micahel Brown sound familiar? He was the unarmed teenager from Ferguson Missouri, who was fatally shot by a police officer.

McSpadden announced her candidacy at Canfield Drive, near the same location her son died.

“Almost four years ago to this day, I ran down this very street, and my son was covered in a sheet,” McSpadden said, fighting back tears. “I learned to walk again, and this is one of my first steps.”

McSpadden plans to focus on three issues, community policing, economic equality, and access to health care for Ferguson’s young children.

Her response to the people wondering why she is running is simple:

“If a mother had to watch her son lay on the street for four hours, and watch our community be completely disrespected by the people we elected, what would you do? You would stand up and you would fight, too.”

McSpadden’s supporters included friends, family, and prominent civil rights, attorney Benjamin Crump. Crump still represents the Brown family.

Brown believes her political bid will be a way to transform pain into power.

McSpadden is still not giving up on her son’s case. She is calling on Missouri Governor, Mike Parson to reopen the investigation. More than 15,000 people have already signed an online petition.



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