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OBJ’s Future Post Injury



Odell Beckham Jr’s season is over due to a torn ACL. Not only is his season over, but his time in Cleveland might also be over as well. Beckham is owed no more money after this season and can become an unrestricted free agent. With that being said, what is next for Richard Mille watch wearing wide receiver?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, rehabilitation has to be done before he can return to the field. In the past, a torn ACL was a disgusting and horrific injury. Fortunately, we live in an era of advanced science and technology. December 2011, almost a decade ago, we saw first-ballot Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson tear his ACL late in the season. The next season, Peterson was starting Week 1 and shocked the world on the way to an MVP season with over 2000 rushing yards.

How is this relatable? Beckham is known as a “Diva” wide receiver, but we have never heard negative reports about his work ethic, determination, or passion. Beckham works vigorously with the goal of being one of the greats. It would not be wise to bet against this man coming off this injury.

Career Statistics (Min. 12 games played)

2014 – 91 Receptions 1305 Yards 12 TDs
2015 – 96 Receptions 1450 Yards 13 TDs
2016 – 101 Receptions 1367 Yards 10 TDs
2018 – 77 Receptions 1052 Yards 6 TDs
2019 – 74 Receptions 1035 Yards 4 TDs
AVG 87 Receptions 1260 Yards 9 TDs

We see the production and we stated how it is not bright to write Beckham off. Now, where will he end up? Wherever he goes, he’ll have to be okay accepting less money on a short term deal but that can be a positive for Beckham. The less money you demand on the market, the more teams can realistically request your services. In other words, Beckham has a chance to pick a situation that benefits him and his career the most. Here are some options.

Green Bay Packers

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Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams! The Packers have a top 5 QB and WR. Plugging in Beckham means if you double team one of them, you’re leaving the other in single coverage with Aaron Rodgers pulling the trigger. Additionally, both of these wide receivers can play in the slot if necessary. Lastly, the Packers are slowly implementing a power running game. Putting Beckham in motion for a possible Jet Sweep can always be an option to keep the defense honest.

Philadelphia Eagles

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For the Eagles, you’ll play six games versus the NFC East. That will be good for statistics and you’ll always be in playoff contention due to the parity of the NFC East.

Cincinnati Bengals

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This is a perfect, no brainer pick for Beckham if offered. A pass-happy team with an up and coming quarterback in Joe Burrow (who went to LSU). The Bengals aren’t your prototypical NFL offense. They are very comparable to the Cardinals; they spread your defense and make you guard the width of the field. It would be very fun to see Beckham in a Bengals uniform.

This is easily the most important offseason of Odell Beckham Jr’s career. Will he work hard to recover from this injury? No worries there. Making the right decision on what team to play for is the major decision and I hope he ends up happy in a great situation.

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