Pierre Alex Jeanty’s, “Ashes of Her Love” Review


“Ashes of Her Love” is a remarkable poetry book by best selling author Pierre Alex Jeanty. Once you begin reading, it is hard to put down. The book talks about what a woman is left with when her relationship fails, and author Jeanty seeks to bring healing to these women when challenged with tragedies, like heartbreak.

The book is relatively short, only 78 pages long; however, each poem packs an incredible punch and leaves the heart yearning for more. Reading the book, I was able to step back and look at the thoughts and ideas presented in the book from a completely different perspective but also to understand that perspective. Jeanty writes from the perspective of a woman who was formerly in a relationship, one that ended with heartbreak. She then takes the baggage that came along with the relationship and uses it as her blueprint for healing and moving forward. The protagonist takes her emotions, and unapologetically expresses them. For me, I think that was the most eye-catching thing about the book. Here it is, the character is basically like this is what happened, this is what I felt, and this is how I am moving forward, and this is what I do not need to do ever.  My takeaway from the book is sometimes we, as men, do not understand how we emotionally damage the women when we are with them. We come into the relationship expecting them to be these perfect beings, everything we want or need, and rob them of their essence, always wanting them to be our superhero, to save us. Then what happens the one time that they cannot save us, the one time they do not have the life-force within them to nurture us? What of the relationship then? We just walk away and leave them with the broken pieces of themselves to salvage, to start rebuilding so that we can pop back up in the future and try it all over again. Yet, we question of they become bitter, or they resent us, knowing very well the atrocity we committed when we left them. This book, in my opinion, serves as a positive acclamation for women everywhere. So, while in quarantine, if you are looking for something new to read, “Ashes of Her Love” by Pierre Alex Jeanty is the one to pick up.

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