Poem Of The Week: “The Beast Is Awake”

This week on Poem Of The Week, we have more words from our youth that are currently scarred from within. I have the pleasure of introducing Aydon Fair. Aydon, an eighteen-year-old recent high school graduate from Bladensburg High School located in Bladensburg, MD. As he plans to continue his academic journey moving on to college, planning to attend Virginia State University in the fall and major in political science, he is also enraged by the recent heinous actions of this country. His written piece “The beast is awake,” only displays his frustration upon himself and millions of others that have the same resemblance as him when it comes to being black in America.

Black sounds we rage. Draped in the flourishing blood of my decent, they walked. They walked so I could fly over the misunderstanding stigmas that surround me. Porch monkeying is what the “leaders” see. But they will feel the wrath of my ancestry. Free my soul to awaken the beast. The worst has yet to come as they made us feel weak. So let the youth reign with rage. The new Nat Turner 1831 phases to 2020. Whether its waving flags and signs, looting stores, or bearing arms, make the opponents feel the void that fills our chest because, at this point, only the lord above can contest. So the next time they feel like being unjust, we’ll be there with the strength of the oppressed.


More wise words from our youth during upsetting times tailing from a long fight that is far from over.

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