Refuge For DC Protesters

In consideration of the recent protests for political reform and the civil rights of the black community, @diddygotemall is working on setting up safe houses throughout Washington, D.C., to ensure the safety of protesters. Each safehouse will include food, water, first aid, and a clean environment for protesters to take refuge. For additional info, please contact @diddygotemall, you can also cash app $gotemallent as a donation toward supplies for each house. The goal is ten fully supplied safe houses for protesters. Let’s work together to stand against systemic racism and oppression. #blacklivesmatter””

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We have safe house number one up and running please dm me if you are out protesting and need food medical or shelter #blmsafe✊🏿

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Safe house number 3 we are at 5 homes as of right now all we up and going today #blmsafe ✊🏿

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My Statement on the current condition of the world – I’m turning 26 on June 21st, why am I still fearing for the lives of my black family member and friends every day at the hand of a system that doesn’t love them? They love black culture, women, clothing, and music but not people. They tell them not “get over it” but still provoke them. They call them “ghetto” and “thugs” but are the actual ghetto thugs. They call them unattractive, but black is indeed beautiful.

My black side of my family and my friends were the first people ever to show me, love. White people call me strange for loving the culture I was raised upon. They want every rapper or singer to talk about women or drugs but will ignore when a black musician uses their unusual gifts to make music about relatable situations. They love the athletic gifts of black people but underpay them to show their contributions compared to an average white quarterback coach.

They love the idea of being black until it’s time to be black. They want to be black until they say all lives matter, they say that to deflect that black people are mistreated. They are hurt, in every shape, way, or form.

Black Lives Matter, always. The culture has been and still will be shaped by black people. Black people are fighting for what’s theirs this whole time! Join in and help the cause.


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