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Rising DMV Artist Staydown Trevv Has Become A Household Name in the Streets.



Staydown Trevv has become a household name in the streets but we are now hearing. He’s about to take over the rap game! Staydown trev has come into the music game like no other! First, off he teamed up with one of the best managers in the DMV “Rahn Da don” and highly known entrepreneur Jevaun Bishop. This is not just it though, he shot his first music video with the game’s biggest videographer “20k visuals,” so you can only imagine what to expect from this video alone.

After speaking to his team  Rahn Da Don & Jevaun.  They mentioned how they had an amazing time working with Trev for this video – “His energy, his star appearance, is like no other” – Jevaun. It’s great to see how music brings so many people together. Staydown Trevv also brung out not 1 but 8 photographers on set with him to get footage of the entire experience. Just to name a few: ‘Tevin Townes’ & ‘My Boy Ace’.

Staydown Trevv went all out for this video. He flew his team out, spent thousands of dollars in the club, and got a major co-sign from musical legend “Busta Rhymes”. It looks like Staydown Trevv is signed but after speaking to him he said he’s completely independent and more turnt than anybody that has a deal. Let’s just keep an eye on him to see how big he can really go.

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