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Sean Baker Teams Up With Ricky Long and McGregory Frederique To Create “Double Dealings”



Hello Movie Goers,

Sean Baker is teaming up with Ricky Long and McGregory Frederique for their new film “Double Dealings.” The featured film is led by Grace Bozza, B.J. Simmons and Royl King. Double Dealings is a short film about a workaholic man whose relationship is put on the line when his girlfriend, who is trying to save their relationship, is impacted by some tragic news that may tear their relationship apart forever. Check out the trailer here.

About The Cast

Grace Bozza

A proud native of New York City, specifically hailing from Queens, the individual takes center stage as a fearless and confident performer. Embodying the true spirit of a Queens native, they thrive on challenges and pour their heart into every role that comes their way. The journey into the world of acting began at the tender age of 8, and in 2016, they finally embraced the path to the A List.

Fate intervened when they crossed paths with the seasoned actor and director, Richard Kline. Under his guidance, they honed their audition and on-camera skills, delving into comedic and dramatic scene studies, as well as mastering monologues. Richard’s unwavering belief in their talent fueled their confidence to navigate the competitive entertainment industry. The fruits of their passion and talent have materialized in roles on network TV, such as “Homicide City: Philadelphia” on Investigation Discovery. They are a frequent lead in independent feature films, short films, web series, and commercials. Additionally, they showcase their versatility as an actively working print model – a testament to their ability to excel in various domains.

Refusing to confine themselves to a particular niche or accept limitations, whether portraying a popular high school girl or a sophisticated teacher, their range knows no bounds. Despite their seemingly youthful appearance, they effortlessly transition from sporty to spicy and everything in between. Facing challenges with unwavering positivity and a smile, their trademark whimsical humor adds a lovable and unforgettable charm to their characters. They are eager to embrace the boundless opportunities that lie ahead and excitedly anticipate creating movie magic together!

B.J. Simmons

Hailing from Northern Virginia, B.J. Simmons is a multifaceted talent, making his mark as an actor and model. Before embarking on his acting journey in 2021, Simmons dedicated a substantial part of his life to college basketball, actively engaging in two complete seasons. However, his passion for academia and a burgeoning interest in acting led him to redirect his focus.

Since making this pivotal decision, Simmons has become a notable presence in the entertainment industry, contributing to various projects, including short films, feature films, and commercials. His unique signature lies in his exceptional ability to infuse his characters with a diverse range of emotions, resulting in performances that linger in the minds of the audience long after the curtain falls.

Royl King

An aspiring actor hailing from Washington, DC, Royl King commenced his journey in the acting realm by starting with background roles in “Lady in the Lake.” Notably recognized for his performances in “Heart of Wallace,” “Double Dealings” (2024), and “72 Hours,” King has made a mark in the industry. His affinity lies in portraying diverse characters, and he finds particular enjoyment in bringing to life roles such as the Fabulous Best Friend, a Young Successful Entrepreneur/Ball Busting CEO, and the Geek/Tech Bro. However, his ultimate aspiration is to make history by being the first to portray Prince in a biopic dedicated to the iconic musician.

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