Summer Walker is Over It

Summer Walker Done With Music

Summer Walker says she is done with music after 2020. After coming out with her debut album “Over It,” you know the one every woman had on repeat, it seems this could really be it for the rising R&B songstress. The Atlanta singer announced the major news on her Instagram account. She said “Lol I’m dead ass never making another song after 2020,” via her Instagram story.

In the past, Walker has addressed wanting to step away from the limelight due to her social anxiety. The pressures of performing and putting out good music can be very bearing on a person, let alone someone who has made it known to be an introvert. Remember last year she caught a lot of heat for canceling her tour due to her social anxiety.

Fans have quickly addressed the post on social media and don’t want her to be serious about this decision. Time shall tell how serious this will become. My prediction is with one of the hottest albums last year and an amazing producer London On Da Track (who is also her boyfriend) she’ll just take a mental break and come back better than ever!


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