If you were hoping for a close game like 2020’s All-Star Game then it was a huge disappointment. Team LeBron defeated Team Durant 170-150, giving “The King” his fourth straight win as team captain.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led all players scoring 35 points on a perfect 16-16 from the field which set a new record. Stephen Curry finished with 28 points with 24 points coming off three-pointers. Damian Lillard had 32 points and finished the game with a three-pointer from near half-court to seal Team LeBron’s victory.

The Greek Freak took home the All-Star MVP honors which now is named after the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

“Obviously, I’m extremely happy at just having the award with the name of Kobe Bryant in my house. It’s a great feeling. I wanted to win the one last year really badly, and I had a chance to win because I felt like I wanted to have the trophy in my house. But this year, I wasn’t even thinking about winning it; I was just thinking about having fun, and I had the opportunity to play well.

“My team played great, and I was able to just win it. And to have the trophy with the name of Kobe Bryant, it’s amazing, and I know he would be happy. Yeah, I know he’d be happy.” – Giannis Antetokounmpo 

With the victory, Team LeBron donated over $1 M to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, while Team Durant donated $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund.

Catch the full highlights below!


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