The DMV Daily Interviews: Archie Versace

LivengoodLivin Is Gucci With Archie Versace

Three things we don’t know about you?

Well I’m West African and Jewish a weird mix but it’s me.

I’m double Jointed in my shoulders so i can bone break in both ways. It’s pretty dope and nasty to some people.

I have an obsession with not losing, l’m overly competitive.

Define you in five words 

Honestly The Best Artist Alive

Favorite pre studio traditions? 
Well i love to masturbate it calms me I’m kidding but honestly just play the beat on the radio on my ride there and start practicing what i wrote maybe call my friends so they can hear it and critique me
Pre performance traditions? 
i learned this from high school musical years ago i go in the bathroom find a mirror and say “brrroo! brrroo! Mah! Mah! that usually gets the gitters out and once again just talk myself into doing it telling myself I’m not scared even though I’m usually terrified until that beat drops.

Top five biggest musical influences?

All the Def Jam Poets

Biggie Smalls

The Queen (Band)


Micheal Jackson

Define the music industry 

I wish i could define the music industry for what it truly is but im just going to say the illimunatti since I don’t know.

Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?
Please, if any of my friends read his dont judge me because i know y’all all from the trap but
Justin Bieber, Gucci Mane, Chris Brown and maybe Chance the Rapper and Xaviar Omar
Will smith i want to do a movie with him and T”he Rock” Dwayne Johnson
Any Shout outs?
I wanna give a shout out to all the teachers that told me
I’d never amount to nothin’, to all the people that lived above the
buildings that I was hustlin’ in front of that called the police on
me when I was just tryin’ to make some money to feed my daughter,
and all the niggas in the struggle, you know what I’m sayin’? – “Biggie”
Name ten artists you want to work with
I would love to work with your aunty she’s my favorite artist
I want to work with King Combs
I Would love to work with Taylor Swift
Of course Kanye west,Jay z and beyonce maybe all at the same time
O i would love to do a song with NBA Youngboy
Timbaland if he still working and Pharell they are both the goats at what they do
I want to do a love or sad song with post malone hopefully get some guitar lessons too
Spell out each letter in your name with a word
I A.m
on H.ow
Am E.xpected
To finish this Shi*
Your A.unty

Check out Visuals for “Need You Tonight” Here:


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