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The DMV Daily Interviews: DJbrimafia



LivengoodLivin Squading up with DJbrimafia


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Twitter : og_bri

Snapchat : djbrimafia

IG : djbrimafia

Dj Bri gives us some facts about her and things her folks don’t even know!

Well my real name is Bria and I’m 25 years old. I was born in North Carolina but now in my adulthood I am glad to call Delaware home. That’s pretty much where I grew up. Attended college in North Carolina, my freshman year at North Carolina A&T (Aggie Pride) but happily transferred to Elizabeth City State University (Viking Pride), where I dropped out my senior year in 2015 to be a DJ. Lol. But I’ve been here in Maryland and DC ever since.

“I code webpages.

I have freckles.

I’m a capricorn.” – The three Bri Commandments 

What lyrics describers her? What brands she reps?

“I live life sucka free. That’s why the niggas you be with talk down like they don’t fuck with me”
 – Wiz Khalifa

Right now, the only group I spin for is Cypher Clique. They’re the homies based out of Delaware, whom I actually sang for back in the day. Now I’m their tour DJ and they make some dope ass music.


Check out some of her mix preferences and events she done 

I love mixing Aaliyah’s “At Your Best” with Chief Keef’s “I’m the Man”. Sounds wild but it always gets me in the zone before I start practicing. I love mixing neo-soul with trap music. That’s my style for real.

I usually DJ events that are focused on other artists. I’m the one playing music in-between and during sets, that’s usually my mojo. I DJ’ed at ECSU a couple weekends ago for Viking Fest and that was probably my favorite event so far this year. The love was mad real.

The Artists and Personalities She  Worked With And Dream Collaborations

To be honest, I would have to say nobody as of yet. My main focus is keeping it local. I try to do events that focus mainly on local talent and I guess that doesn’t really require having a big name.

Easily Missy Elliott, easily. – djbrimafia

Her influences and favorite music artists / who reps her the best 

My uncle Jahi is my biggest influence. It wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have known anything that I know now today. He’s been djing since I was in middle school and I used promo for him on MySpace. I’m old.

This list would be intense so I’m just going to name my favorite which is Curren$y.

Not really any music artists but my friends definitely rep me the best.

She Shout out’s her team and has a word that describes her!

Shoutouts to Le Mafia!

“Unforgettable” – djbrimafia

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