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3 Things people don’t know
  1. I record, mix/master all of my own music from home in my basement.
  2. I started out by writing short stories & poetry.
  3. I was brought up as a singer before diving into hip-hop.
Me In 5 Words
I’m a really chill spazz
Pre Studio Traditions
I always smoke 1-3 decent backwoods to get comfortable. Usually, if I know I’m about to hit the studio, I’ll listen to the beat(s) I’m going to use and recite the lyrics/melody until it’s absolutely driven into my head. I don’t like to read from anything while in the studio. The last thing I make sure to do is always clean the space I’m in. I can’t record in an unorganized/cluttered environment.
Pre Performance Traditions
I keep it really chill and just vibe; usually smoking endless before shows to maintain stress & anxiety levels. Show time is always exciting, so it’s crucial for that entire day I surround myself with positive energy to keep my vibes right before I go on my set. Law of attraction is a huge part of my life, so I have a habit of visualizing exactly what intend to do. A few hours before soundcheck, I have to rehearse to myself for at least an hour until I feel confident the set will go as planned. Overall, I just like to stay focused on giving a solid performance.
Top 5 Biggest Musical Influences
  1. Aerosmith
  2. Tech N9ne
  3. Eminem
  4. Machine Gun Kelly
  5. Hopsin
Define The Music Industry
To me, the music industry is a huge maze where you have to know how to play your cards right and where to move or else you can quickly get lost; never to be seen, or more importantly, heard from again. I’m, honestly, still figuring out the maze one day at a time.
Artist & Media Personalities I’d like To Work With More
I’d love to do a lot more work with local radio stations such as WPGC, 93.9, etc. I really feel as though I have a lot of music that would touch a huge amount of people given the opportunity to present it in front of such a big platform. As for artists, I really hope that I can one day work with Chaz French. He kills it! Cawlsted is another artist I can’t wait to hop on a track with either. I feel like all of us on a track would be a really new, dope sound.
Shoutout to all my fans and support. That includes all the people I connect with around with world, as well as the people nearest to me such as family and true friends who want to see me do my absolute best. To all the guys up at OLM, I really want to say thank you for believing in my abilities as an upcoming artist. Most importantly, thank God for helping me come this far on my own.
Future Features
  1. Smokepurpp
  2. Denzel Curry
  3. Kendrick Lamar
  4. Ski Mask The Slump God
  6. Travis Scott
  7. Drake
  8. Migos
  9. Machine Gun Kelly
  10. Chaz French

Spell Out Your Name With A Word

F – ire
R – esilience
Y – olo
E – ternity
N – ew
A – mbition
T – imeless
I – nsane
O – utstanding
N – oise
Latest Single “Smoke” (Prod. Mark Henry) on Spotify here

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