The DMV Daily Interviews: Highway Trellz

 Lowkey Livengoodlivin With Highway Trellz

Social Medias?
Twitter, Instagram,  Snapchat are all @HighWay_Trellz
Three things we don’t know about you?
Mother passed when I was 14 from colon cancer. She was 37
I have a 2 year old daughter named Harlem Kimberly Amari Ward
Use music as an outlet for expression. Best way to get people to listen.
5 Words that describe you?
Always truthful in my music
Pre Studio Traditions?
I always listen to Lupe Fiasco -Hip Hop Saved My Life,
I only record in the dark
I prefer nobody in the studio gives me peace and comfortably to not be judged
Top 5 biggest musical influences?
Eminem- my favorite rapper. I love that he says whatever and doesn’t care about the backlash from it.
Meek Mill
Dave East
Myself I influence myself
Define the music industry
Its terrible. it’s no longer about skill and talent. It’s about taking drugs and lying bout all violence u commit. It’s fake. A white dude get face tats and talk about guns hes an instant fan favorite. Growing up people rapped bout selling drugs now it’s about taking drugs, thus being a dopehead. They’re a select few but very few artist who still bless us with lyrics and punchlines. That’s what I miss about hip hop. Not this mumble rap drug abuse shit.
Artist/ Media you would like to work with?
Anyone who is talented and on what I’m on subject wise.
I’d love to work with Emineim, meek, logic, dave east, and Chris Brown and lil uzi for a club record
Ima huge fan of Sonny digital when it comes to production as well as papamitrou (dreamchasers producer) and 808 mafia
Any Shout outs?
The entire Highway
Freaky flash, putting va on the map
My daughter Harlem
Anyone who has been supporting me
Spell Out Your name With a word 
Terrell (real name)
Watch “Trellz1537” on YouTube here:

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