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Jade! Give us a little back ground about you.

So I’m a Westside Indy chick originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. Born and raised on the Westside. I was adopted and am the daughter of a black serial entrepreneur who never had a college education. He always instilled in me a need for education, and in his honor, since he is no longer here, I am living out the dream. My mother is still alive, and that’s my pride and joy. That’s who I do it for honestly. I’m a student journalist at The University of North Texas in the Mayborn School of Journalism. I’m ALMOST Mayborn Made, as a senior. My expertise transcend across areas of broadcast, writing and public relations. I am a radio host for my own produced show, It’s Empower Hour via The After Party Radio in Dallas. I love the field and perfecting my craft. I’ve always had this thing with photography. It captures a moment and it tells a story that exists as long as somebody sees it. That’s how I feel about stories. Just being out there chronicling people’s journey takes a moment of their lives where others can see that they were here. 

Three things unique about you?

– If I’m walking by myself on campus, 9 times out of 10 I’ll be acting out movies scenes in my head. Which means my facial expressions be looking all types of random. I’m not sorry. 
– If you see me with headphones, I’m more than likely listening to YouTube videos and documentaries vs music. 
– I’m oddly comfortable with myself to be in this field. A lot of people worry about looks and appearances. I do, but I don’t worry so much what I might be lacking. I’m cute enough. 

Describe yourself in five words?

Spiritual, Wise (I’m an old soul), Determined, Strong & Goofy 

What’s your media origin?

I’ve always been a personality. When I was 9-years old I attended North Wayne Elementary School out of Indianapolis, Indiana. I was invited by the librarian, who was in charge of the broadcasted morning announcements, to be on air. The gag was, only 6th graders were allowed to be put on the show. Even though I was only a 4th grader, he saw something within me. My parents nonchalantly laughed him off at the PTA meeting when he constantly told them, “there’s something there.”

Your biggest influences?

Media wise, obviously Oprah! Otherwise, my mother is my biggest influence. She’s trumps anybody in my eyes. I owe her my entire being. Other folks would include Ericka Flye at RTV6 in Indinapolis and Soledad O’ Brien. 

Goals you have for you brand?

I really want to expand on traditional journalism with a modern feel as a reporter. I brand myself for my first future job with my posts on social media. In fact I’ve made a lot of professional connections in the business because of this. It’s easy for them to remember, “Jade The Great!” 

Publications you write for?

NTDaily, The Dentonite, Her Campus UNT

Other media replied things you do?

Dang, what don’t I do? (*laughs*) No boost! No boost! I do a lot of editing for video and writing. I’m an anchor for my school’s local station as well as their senior reporter. I do live shot for their morning show. I intern at my city’s local radio station. Uhhh.. I believe that’s it for right now. My resume’s on my website. 

Explain your own website

It’s definately an investment, but it’s worth it to me, because you don’t see a lot of student journalists with my type of look and feel. You can tell I really took my time and invested in every tab, every photo, every video, all of my portfolio. Everything., check it out. I think it’s what seperates you from those that want a job, but those that THE job. 

Media personalities you dream to work with?

Obviously Oprah! Again! (*laughs*) But, I would love to work with Robin Roberts. I’ve met her before. I actually would love to work with the women of the “Yes, Girl!” Podcast at Essence Magazine. Honestly, anybody that can create something great for the masses. 

Any S/Os?

Shout out to everybody that supports me. It’s a lot of ya’ll, but I just want you to know I love all of you guys so much. 

Spell out your name with a word

J – jovial
A – adorable 
D – destiny driven 
E – edifying 

Social media

IG: IAmJadeTheGreat



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