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JoGod Debuts His rap origins with Genesis


Rising Baltimore Emcee Jogod, Furla Gang member, drops his debut project Genesis available on every major stream platform and I must say It’s a pretty good debut. The thing that intrigues in my particular is the veteran savvy Jogod exudes in his music, must “rookies” don’t have their music available on every streaming platform and having cover art that is visually appealing starting off their career so I commend this young artist for having that sense of branding in mind already. The same quality he shows in the outside of the project is the same quality he shows in his music.

The premise of the project, “fresh off the College Campus of University of Maryland eastern shore and from the streets of Baltimore. This body of work will paint vivid pictures of both of these environments while giving people a sense of hope and guidance at the same time,” speaks for itself on the versatility Jogod portrays on this project. He gives off a 1980s New York Battle rapper vibe through brash and intense lyrics which for the most part blends in seamlessly with modern era production. This project made me feel like I was Luke Cage in a boxing ring taking out my frustration and the object I was punching was my inner demons or a young Pusha T rap battling in deep Virginia. The album is outlined by the furla gang motto “FURLA” (Family, unity, real, longevity, and accomplishments) and it plays a critical role in how every track is structured. He even has cleverly imputed skits which a principle of FURLA is touched on slightly.

Some of the tracks I really enjoy were Since a Youngin’ and JoGod Vs The World. My favorite project was when I heard the famous Juicy J “Yeah Hoe” during JoGod vs The World and he started flowing. It shows the potential he has as an artist to really branch out into mainstream one day. An artist who blends in consciousness over trap music has to be taken more seriously and JoGod has the ability to connect both avenues of hip hop. For a debut project, it’s really good. I have minor gripes about the project. Sometimes his delivery style doesn’t match the beat, every song is produced a little too similar, and while is versatile is present he needs a little more ‘softness’ in the project to make it  a little more well rounded. Overall is really good and a solid debut for JoGod.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

Pros : Great first project, cover art, quality of production, versatile that it can touch both avenues of lyrical and trap music, raw and hungry flow, gives off a New York/deep Virginia battle rap energy

Cons: the beat and delivery of flow didn’t match at times, needs some ‘softness’ to too a bigger fan base,  his raw talent needs to be harnessed but that will come with time and practice

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