The DMV Daily Reviews: Legends Of The Summer

One Of the best legends told this summer so far


Meek is back and better than ever! Coming fresh off a amazing BET performance with R&B superstar Miguel, meek Mill drops a brand new four track EP Legends Of The Summer.  I’m very happy to say Meek is not only back but he has also improved his overall sound greatly! Normally known for being loud in his music, he gave us a quieter, humbler, and insightful side of Meek that was enjoyable to see. Now Let me break down every track below:

Millidelphia – My personal banger of the summer! Meek and Swizz Beats team up to cook up one of my personal favorite tracks of the year! The track is an ode for Meek getting his confidence back and if you’re not smashing the gas at 130 banging this track on the highway; you’re not doing the song justice!

Dangerous – Meek teams up with PnB Rock and Jerimih to produce a smoother song for women to enjoy with their girls in the club but also a song men can play with their girl. Nice to see Meek switch it up a little bit! While it caught me off guard, it’s a good song.

1AM – Jungle beats holla at me! This song reminded me of older Meek (Dreamchasers) and I’m all for it! Nice to see Meek tapping into an older side of him and it’s nothing but fire! Nice metaphors sprinkled in as well.

Stay Woke – Meek Mill performed this at the BET awards along with Miguel, so we know it’s the newer side of Meek we are all getting used to. The song is a calmer, more melodic Meek where his deeply goes into the issues of society and it’s fantastic. Miguel on the hook just adds more to a powerful track. (Only if he sang a little more)


Final Verdict 9/10

Pros – Calmer Meek, growth in Music, purposeful, powerful, great features and beat selection, good metaphors

Cons – four tracks? SMH lol I want more Meek!

Stream Legends of the Summer on spotify here:


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