The KickBack (Concert Recap)

KickBack At Velvet Lounge

Presented by the Nin95ive Agency, 
a DC-based sports, entertainment, and music production collective with a mission to focus on building brands and cultivating a relationship between them and their fans,”The KickBack” was a really cool event that allowed a diverse group of DMV artist to express themselves through music and put on a concert that was momentous from start to finish.
The Velvet Lounge event featured performance from Shadow, XENNY DREAMR, Macho Harris, Havana Seoul, Super Nike Nando, Dizzy Gordo, and Jewel. a curated selection of local artists with interesting sounds and perspectives. With such a varied lineup there was an abundance of different energies from loud and bold to soulful and expressive to poetic and chill.
Host CP Da Boss kept the energy up constantly encouraging the audience to mingle and have a good time. He was a gracious host acknowledged audience members, kept up crowd participation and kept the sets flowing smoothly. All night DJ Spinrillo spun local music all night playing records by Matt McGhee, El Cousteau, Dizzy Gordo, and many more. A DJ is one of the most crucial components to having a successful event they’re responsible for keeping the crowd entertained during intermission, playing backing tracks and creating the desired atmosphere. An exceeding good DJ, Spinrillo did a thorough job making sure “The Kick Back” had a great flow.
A versatile artist Shadow was one of the first performers of the night he spent his set rapping over an eclectic array of Hip-Hop instrumentals with a relatively laidback tone. Macho Harris came to perform rapping over a slew of HARD instrumentals that blared with bass and of his most eye-catching tracks was “Hold Up/Wait” a good ole call and response banger that had the crowd jumping as they yelled along.
Dizzy Gordo is a DMV artist with a sound that’s all about good vibes and happy spirits. His songs are light, melodic, and even motivating at times it’s the type of music that’ll get you moving your feet. When it came to performing Dizzy was in his bag bringing his music to life and offering up a contagious infection of head nod fever. XENNY DREAMR was another artist who displayed an exuberance and embodied the culture of the event. Lively and lit the performance was something to behold. Performing tracks from “Project 22” it was a rowdy good time. Each song had a cool, refreshing vibe that was perfect for the function.
Havana Seoul was calming and upbeat offering poetic lyrics and a subtle sound. With sunny grooves and a marvelously slick flow, Havana performed several records from “At The Moment: Acts I & II” an eclectic body of work that’s filled with adventure and experimentation. With a friendly and happy demeanor, Havana stood on the stage swaying overjoyed at the opportunity to perform for a group of live listeners.
Dedicating what he does to his family, friends and loved ones, Super Nike Nando’s slice of life rap style is punctuated by crisp flows and soulful, stress relieving production that has an underground aesthetic. With the mother of his child in attendance, Nando spits some of his best material Nando made the most of his stage time with deliberate bars and heartfelt messages.
Overflowing with joy, the headliner of the show Jewel. began her set by thanking all her supporters, showing love to her parents, cousin, managers, fellow artists, and friends. Embracing the moment she gave a spirited performance of some of her favorite tracks. Her victory lap set included an impassioned rendition of “Sauce Bae” a vibrant and empowering Hip-Hop record that’s dripping with self-assured swag.

Support these artists by listening to their music belowt


Shadow – On My Line 

Macho Harris – Hol Up/Wait 

Dizzy Gordo – Ok Cool 

Havana Seoul – 1993

Super Nike Nando – Family 

Jewel.- Sauce Bae 

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