UN’s World Food Program awarded Noble Peace Prize

As of Friday, October 9th the Noble Peace Prize has been awarded to the UN’s World Food Program. Many organizations in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area also respond to food insecurity since the pandemic.

Across the world, the pandemic has significantly increased various issues that include unemployment, conflict, and food security. In DC alone the food insecurity rate has estimated around 16 percent, a nearly 6.6 percent increase. According to the Capital Area Food Bank’s hunger report, the pandemic could increase to 250,000 people into hunger across the DC, Maryland, Virginia areas.

According to the World Food Program there are more than 800 million people suffering from chronic hunger and across the world, the pandemic continues to create various challenges in humanitarian aid. In response, the World Food Program continued efforts to ensure food has not used as a tool of war and instead for peace.

Various organizations on a local, national, and international scale continue to respond to food insecurity with the hopes to support all those in need.

These efforts come with the concern of low funding for international organizations like the United Nations, US withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and conflicting proposals of a second stimulus check in the United States to support residents in this time of need.

Various organizations in the DC, Maryland, Virginia areas offer food services, volunteer options, and donation opportunities.


Maryland Food Bank

Manna Food Center

Montgomery County Volunteer Center

Catholic Charities – Silver Spring Outdoor pantry Oct.13/Donations


Capital Area Food Bank

Washington DC Food Pantries

Other Food Donation and Recovery Locations


Food for Others – Fairfax

Food Pantries – Fairfax

Northern Virginia Capital Area Food Bank 

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