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Washington Commanders Allegedly Withheld Ticket Revenue That Was Supposed to Be Shared With The NFL



According to A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports, the Washington Commanders allegedly withheld ticket revenue that was intended to be shared with other NFL clubs.

NFL teams are mandated to send the league 40% of all home game ticket sales. The money is subsequently distributed to away clubs by the NFL. According to Perez, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform acquired information from at least one source that the Commanders did not provide the full 40% of ticket sales.

According to Perez, the wage cap for the 2022 season is $208.2 million, an increase of more than $25 million over the 2021 season.

It’s unclear how long the Commanders reportedly held back ticket revenue. According to Perez, the franchise and the NFL were only recently made aware of the allegations.

The announcement comes after the Commanders refuted a claim by the Washington Post’s Liz Clarke, Paul Kane, and Mark Maske that the House Oversight Committee was looking into charges of financial improprieties by the team:

“The team is not aware of any investigation by the House Oversight Committee regarding financial matters, despite vague and unsubstantiated claims today by anonymous sources. The team categorically denies any suggestion of financial impropriety of any kind at any time. We adhere to strict internal processes that are consistent with industry and accounting standards, are audited annually by a globally respected independent auditing firm, and are also subject to regular audits by the NFL. We continue to cooperate fully with the Committee’s work.”

In addition to the Congressional probe, the Commanders are the subject of a second NFL investigation into workplace sexual misconduct accusations after a former cheerleader accused Dan Snyder of harassing her.



Ashton Horne is an upcoming writer who currently resides in Harford County. He currently interns for TheDMVDaily as a journalist.

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