Washington D.C. Singer Eddie The Artist Returns With Two New Videos

Washington D.C. crooner Eddie The Artist returns with two new vibrant videos in the style of the classic video game series Grand theft Auto titled Stick Up and Gotta Make It Right. Embellished in Eddie’s succulent singing voice along with features from Wolf, KB Michaelz, and EdenGem, the two new singles from D.C.’s favorite genre fluid artist captivates viewers with thrilling video game antics.


Inspired by Eddie’s lust for creativity, he aspires to be an artist with an unmatched sense of style and grace. His behind the scene story is inspiring and motivated Eddie to return to his true passion in life. 

Not long after I graduated from High School I was diagnosed with a disease. Inside a tumor the size of a golf ball was Lymphoma Cancer. I could barely remember what was just said to me or keep up with conversations. While losing a lot of my memory, there was one thing that stuck around and resonated in my mind, lyrics, and  music! – Eddie The Artist 


With a new outlook on life and talent, Eddie wishes people to resonate with his music. The official videos are available on YouTube. 

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View Stick Up Here. 

View Gotta Make It Right Here. 

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