Washington Redskins Draft Breakdown

The NFL Draft is now complete! Offseason workouts are coming as training camp looms. For the Washington Football Franchise, their 2018 draft was particularly good and filled some defensive holes. Here’s who they drafted and how they will fit into the squad.


First Round, No. 13 Overall: Da’Ron Payne, Defensive Lineman, Alabama

Second Round, No. 59 Overall: Derrius Guice, Running Back, LSU

Third Round, No. 74 Overall: Geron Christian, Tackle, Louisville

Fourth Round, No. 109 Overall: Troy Apke, Safety, Penn State

Fifth Round, No. 163 Overall: Tim Settle, Defensive Lineman, Virginia Tech

Sixth Round: No. 197 Overall: Shaun Dion Hamilton, Linebacker, Alabama

Seventh Round: No. 241 Overall: Greg Stroman, Cornerback, Virginia Tech

Seventh Round: No. 256 Overall: Trey Quinn, Wide Receiver, SMU

Defensive Picks

Da’Ron Payne will clearly help the run game. There’s no doubting that. His disruptive play will add some fire in the middle of our defensive line. In terms of his skill, he can be an immediate starter. Expect kickers and quarterbacks; any player who is drafted from Alabama has a good chance of starting. It’s just the way Alabama is. Having Jonathan Allen and Payne together once again is electric. Talking about Alabama, Shaun Dion Hamilton is also a pick from Alabama. His situation is different, he will most definitely have to fight for good play time but he’s good to have when injuries arise.

Troy Apke from Penn State is a sleeper. His teammate and DMV native, Marcus Allen took a lot of the spotlight from him but overall, Apke can ball out as well. The Redksins has 4 signed safeties on the roster before the addition of training camp invitees. Apke can surely make his way on the team if things fall in the right place. Tim Settle from Virginia Tech has potential. He’s reached his peak slightly at VT during his sophomore season. Draft analysis questions his lack of playing experience in terms of only playing 23 games at VT. But when put in and became a starter, he was very strong in the middle. That’s the point of Washington’s additions: get in the middle so the rest of the defense can work. Expect to see Mr.Settle on Sunday’s. A Virginia resident and VT player like settle, Greg Stroman is also an addition to the Redskin’s squad. A very aggressive CB from VT, Stroman was named First Team All-ACC in his most recent season. Like some of his new teammates who were drafted, if given a chance; he can make plays.

Offensive Picks

So yeah, the Redskins currently had Thompson, Perine, and Kelley on their roster before this draft. LSU RB Derrius Guice adds even more power to the mix. Just expect Washington to absolutely stuff the ball down people’s throats this year. Guice has been noted to be a little stronger than Lenard Forntette, the Jags’ RB and his former teammate. And to true college football fans, he is considered to be a little bit better in terms of tackles missed. The Redskins will have to have a good rotation this year and Guice surely will be getting a few carries.

Trey Quinn is not a starter but he can surely be in the rotation at WR. He will be on someone’s roster for sure. Geron Christian from Louisville is an interesting pick. It seems like another pick in the drat but it is rather smart. The Redskins had issues with O-Line depth last season. With a fresher face on the scene, the Redksins can add more depth to the rotation.

Overall, the Redskins had a decent draft. I’ll give it a strong A-

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