Are You And A Libra Compatible?


You And A Libra?


Loving a Libra is no easy task. You literally have to be genetically modified specifically for a Libra in order for a relationship with them to work (joke, kinda) I have come to the realization that if you naturally don’t possess compatible traits of a Libra, things are just not in stars for you!

When it comes to love, there are a few things you need to know about Libras. The first thing is that they NEED attention, pretty much all the time. This zodiac will literally demand all of your time and energy. Don’t answer their text and see what happens. It will be the worst decision you ever made in life. That type of stuff simply does not fly with them. They do not and I mean DO NOT, deal well with being alone or ignored. If they love you, they would attach their self at your hip if they could. And if you don’t feel the same way back, they won’t waste any time telling you just how bad you’ve hurt them by simply wanting your own space. Second thing you need to know is that they are hopeless romantics and if you are dealing with them, you better be too. Libras love living in fairytale so it’s inevitable for their expectations of you to be set high, most of the time, a little too high. It can be pressure living up to the standards of a Lucky Libra. It may feel like it’s impossible to knock their socks off because they somehow always make you feel like you could have done better. Lastly, they love very deeply and would go to the end of the moon and back for the one they love. But, the minute you don’t acknowledge what they do for you or downplay what they’ve done, they instantly feel unappreciated and will unleash the beast on you. That’s when they throw all couth out of the window and go for your jugular. Literally, no one is safe.

Save yourself the trouble and check out this detailed compatibility guide. Does your sign match with a Libra? Or should you run like hell, the other way?

Aries and Libra: 4.5/5

Why does this match work? Mainly because Libras love passion and living and feeling in the moment. And who better to provide that kind of passion than a fire sign like Aries? Aries are adventurous and daring and know how to show their lovers, or anyone for that matter, a great time. Aries strong suit is finalizing decisions and they prefer being in control. This works out perfectly for the indecisive Libra and Libras will feel confident in Aries leadership. As in most cases, these opposites will definitely attract. Libras will admire Aries determination and sense of humor. Although they are often blunt in delivery, Aries has an undeniable ability to turn frowns into smiles all around them. Not only that but Aries will make Libras feel like they are truly prized possession with the way they play protector. In return, Libras show Aries how to reach into their emotional bag and pull out feelings every now and then, something Aries rarely does. These two are truly a dynamic duo but the only thing that will cause some friction will be Aries’ uncensored and sometimes harsh delivery. Even if they are joking with you, they tend to hit sore spots and feel no remorse about it. This is going to agitate the hell out of a super sensitive Libra and create self-esteem issues, which will not be good for them nor their lover. Aries will feel as if Libras are too sensitive at times and wish they grow some thicker skin. If Aries can tone it down a bit and Libra can learn to take a joke a little more than these two are destined for nothing but greatness. Oh and did I mention the sex is explosive?!? Yeah, that part!

Taurus and Libra: 2.5/5

This isn’t the worst pair but it isn’t the best either. The one place where they will connect will be in humor. Taurus are naturally funny people, just being themselves and Libras will appreciate this. Taurus, being an earth sign, instinctively needs routine and stability in their life. This is where Libras won’t see eye to eye with them. Libras are already indecisive and tend to “blow with the wind” as the air sign they are. Some even would call Libras finicky (i.e. me). But there is routine within their finickiness that only they can understand. They will feel stifled when dealing with headstrong Taurus. Libras will find Taurus boring and uncompromising which is a sure way to turn any Libra off. A Taurus, on the other hand, will become frustrated with Libras’ indecisiveness, and we all know Taurus frustrate easily. One thing they can relate on is their love for the finer things in life. They both love living extravagantly and don’t hesitate to spend their last on a good time. These two take some work and compromising but if both parties are willing, this could work. But only if they BOTH really want that.

Gemini and Libra: 4/5

These signs are two peas in a pod. They make a great pairing. They are both air signs so they will naturally have a lot in common. One of the commonalities will be their shared love for art and anything creative, especially visuals. Let’s face it, Libras are vain people. They love looking good, having people think they look good, and showing the world that they look good. And a Gemini loves to capture all of that beauty that’s why they always seem to have a career or side hustle in photography or as an artist. They understand each others need for space, respect and consistency. The downside to this pairing is that Geminis are generally horrible with money. They haven’t grasped the art of saving for a rainy day and rarely want to because they believe in living for AND in the moment. This does not help Libras with their own spending habit. Gemini and Libra are both natural flirts. This is something they will understand about one another, unlike most signs. But, Geminis loooveee spice, so sometimes they take flirting a little too far and this is where Libras absolutely lose it! Libras cannot stand competition, especially when they are unsure of their own position. When this happens, Libras are sure to make Geminis pay for that wondering eye but putting them on ice for a while. Geminis learn quickly that they prefer Libras in their life and not out so they’ll shape up pretty quickly, or at least put more effort in pretending to.  These two may be living in a cardboard box together but at least they’ll be in love!

Cancer and Libra: 1.5/5

This is an extremely draining pair. You literally can’t get any other two signs who are more sensitive and highly expressive of their emotions. Emotions are EVERYTHING to these two. But, what happens when you have two overly emotional people trying to make a love connection? You get a whole lot of passion and who lot of headaches from endless crying, that’s what you get!! These two both love love and will go to the end of the earth to find it. But, they both have a way of self-sabotaging in relationships from their own insecurities. Ironically, they both want to be the only one in the relationship with the doubts and skepticism of others intentions. It kind of gets overwhelming when both parties are insecure. Like I said before, its draining. Their common love for family and sex will help them create a bond. They are both highly sexual beings who use sex as a way to guarantee everlasting love from their lovers. Needless to say, sex will be phenomenal. But, Cancers have a problem with accepting fault in situations that are usually their fault. This is something that Libras will eventually resent. Cancers can be stubborn and stuck in their ways, especially if they were raised by older parents or grandparents. In other words, they are closed minded to a lot of things that Libras are curious about. Point blank, this match will have a hard time heating up and staying lit. Emotions just seem to run too high for this pair to make it a forever thing.

Leo and Libra: 3.5/5

This is another Air versus Fire situation. A Libra will ignite a Leo just the way they want to be ignited. I’m sure we all know about Leo’s pride, but their ego is just as big. They need constant confirmation from their lovers, even friends, to truly feel validated. They simply need the attention AND approval of those around them and when they don’t get it … Let’s be forreal, they always get what they want! Libras, however, are also used to getting their fair share of attention as well. Naturally, competitive Leo’s may view their Libra lover as a challenger instead of like their love interest. And the minute Leo’s makes it a competition Libras are instantly turned off. They don’t want to have to compete with the one they love, it throws their harmony out of wack. But, the one thing a Leo will admire about a Libra is their ability to look good, all the time. Both signs are social butterflies and can join a crowd of strangers with ease. They have that in common; their love for luxury and nightlife. These two are likely to live lavishly in a beautiful, laid out penthouse with dim lighting and sexy artwork plastered all over the walls. Overall, this is a do-able match. As long as they can learn to share the spotlight, things between them could really heat up. The open-minded Libra will have no problems making the dominating Leo feel like the royalty they believe they are. Leo’s take charge, jungle like love tactics will wow Libra and leave them thinking about marriage and baby carriages ( which they probably were already thinking about anyway.)

Virgo and Libra: 1.5/5

These two are just not astrologically designed to mix. Like oil and vinegar, these two can find an argument in just about anything. Virgo’s can be very judgmental and outright rude. Virgos cant and wont hold their tongue, so if they don’t like your idea, outfit, or the dinner you cooked, you can bet your last dollar that you will hear about it. From experience, I’ve learned that Libras cannot handle hard truth or even light criticism, but they will swear up and down they can. Please don’t be fooled! And since Virgos basically almost always OFFER their opinion, Libras will grow to resent Virgos judge-y disposition. Virgos are fighters, physically, and emotionally and when they feel offended, their FIRST line of defense is to verbally tear you to shreds! They bring up any and every naughty thing they know about you with intentions of hurting you down to your core. Libras on the other hand, are great at building their lovers confidence but when at war, they know exactly how to make someone feel less than and totally unworthy. Libras are quick to shout that you haven’t done anything for them lately when you just paid their car note. Fine, I’ll say it since everyone is thinking it, Libras are spoiled, and this goes for the men and the women of this zodiac. They have a way of making you outdo your own self just to finally put a smile on their face. This annoys Virgos soul simply because although they have a tough exterior they literally will give their loved ones the clothes off their backs in a heartbeat. All they ask for is recognition and a dab of appreciation. That’s not too much to ask right? Well, for a mad Libra it is. Their sex styles are even different; Libras need emotional connections and foreplay while Virgos simply don’t. They will have their moments of pleasure but this is a never ending soap opera where Libra plays the victim and Virgo is always going to be the monster.

Scorpio and Libra: 3.5/5

Scorpios tend to blend easily with a lot of the zodiac. Not because they are extremely likable with undeniable charm, but because they are skilled at disguising and hiding their true self. Scorpios generally do not trust easily so they have at lot of hidden compartments to them when in a relationship. They harbor many insecurities and a dark side that they fear if exposed, no one would accept. But the truth is, one of those insecurities is that they are passionate and extremely deep lovers. They are confident in their ability to love others but they are insecure of how vulnerable this tends to make them. Scorpios absolutely hate having weaknesses, especially any that involves the dependency on others. When it comes to matters of the heart, this is a sign that is not to be played with. Luckily, Libras have no intentions of playing any games when they are into you. Libras make Scorpios feel right at home because their weakness is also love and passion. Scorpios may not have as much creative flair as Libras, but their open mind allows them to provide all of the emotional support Libras need to produce fresh, new ideas. Scorpios will also provide financial support, since they are so good with money which is great for Libras expensive taste. Sex between these two is incredibly passionate, wild (borderline animalistic) and just downright freaky! When it comes to sex, these are two of the most open-minded signs who don’t mind trying anything once, twice or repeatedly if it turns them on enough. These are selfless lovers here so they will do any and everything to bring pleasure to their lover. This is definitely a match worth exploring!

Libra and Libra: 2.5/5

Hmmm, now this relationship stands a 50% chance at survival. The reason why is because OPPOSITES tend to attract. So, when you have two of the same kind of people, it’s possible that the attraction may not be there, or if it is, it may take time to strengthen. A Libra and a Libra literally have the same exact flaws. And though it may seem like having the male or female version of yourself as a lover can only equal good things, this is furthest from the truth. A Libra and a Libra are a constant reflection of each others weaknesses and for a Libra that is too much truth to bear.  Another problem that could arise is the fact that although Libras usually get what they want when they actually go after it, they tend to like to be pursued. So, what happens when you have two Libras both sitting back waiting for the other to take initiative? They literally get nowhere, never really making any progress, remaining completely stagnant. And THAT will be the main problem in this relationship, too much sameness . Eventually, they will realize that they are better as friend, maybe even with benefits, but definitely FRIENDS.

Libra and Sagittarius: 3/5

Put a Libra with a Sag and you will definitely get one adventurous mixture. These two have a lot in common and being adventurous and out of the box is one of them. Sag men and women are one of the funnest signs in the zodiac. They know how to have a good time and enjoys the social scene just as much as Libras. That’s another commonality, their love for throwing and attending extravagant parties and entertaining crowds. This is a duo that is always hosting couples night at their house, and better believe they will have all the bells and whistles to go along. They also share the same excitement for quick thrills and forbidden fruit. These two are the type to dip off from the party to go find a closet to have the best hushed sex ever! They enjoy having sex in the most unconventional places around people or things they shouldn’t! Sag comes up with the idea, and Libra okays it, everytime. Now you see why an Air sign like Libra ignites the fire sign, Sagittarius? But their strong sexual chemistry poses the question,  are Sagittarius and Libra better off as just sex partners and not significant others? Just like they have commonalities, they are also different with different habits. Libras are finicky, yes, but for the most part they are predictable to be finicky. Sag’s live for constant change and newness. Trying to lock down a Sag is like trying to catch a squirrel with your bare hands. You’re just never quick enough! And for Libras, that simply won’t work. Libras need to know that you’ll be there when they get home from work. They need down time with you to reconnect and share intimacy, not just sex! Sag’s sometimes have a hard time with that, they even act a tad bit immature when asked to express their feelings. Libras will not be able to tolerate anyone who cannot express their emotions, let alone anyone who is incapable of even feeling emotions, which is how Sagittarius come off. A Libra can learn alot from a Sag, they can really open up Libras eyes to a more cultured world. Meanwhile, a Sag will learn just as much from a Libra, like the importance of emotional well-being. They will appreciate all they have gained from their relationship but they both know this is a relationship that more than likely, can’t stand the test of time.

Capricorn and Libra: 1/5

This is an absolute NO! Believe me, when it comes to love, this is one of the worst matches in zodiac history. They simply do not mix. Neither sign feels fulfilled when together.  Both signs tend to feel slighted by the other. Capricorn, being an earth sign, values stability and routine. In fact, they need it in order to be of any use in the world. They are practical thinkers, things simply have to make sense in order for them to want to be involved. If they can’t make it make sense, they will waste no time exiting the situation, stage left. And one thing Capricorns cant make sense of is Libras on the fence personality. Decision making is Libras worst nightmare and Capricorns speciality. Of course Libras annoy Caps with their indecisiveness and tendency to go back on their word. In return, Libras are equally irritated by Cap’s military style of getting things done. Libras find Capricorns overly aggressive and a borderline bully. The reason being is because Capricorns tend to think with their heads and not their hearts so they come off as cold and unemotional. How does that work for a Libra who literally has endless emotions? It doesn’t! That’s the entire point I’m making. Sex is ok between the two, but really neither of them feel emotionally satisfied when it’s all said and done. The connect just simply isn’t there for these two. Libra and Capricorn are literally better as friends, usually best friends. But, in a relationship this pair irks eachothers nerves way too much to make it work.

Libra and Aquarius: 4/5

I don’t usually do this but with a Libra and Aquarius, I HAVE to start with the sex first! These are two sensual signs who get pleasure out of pleasing others. Aquarius literally will please you, then leave just to prove a point. And it works every time! Aquarius can go with the flow of things, they are an air sign just like Libra. But Aquarius has a desire to take charge. Their dominance is usually expressed through sex (and in the professional setting). Aquarius will help Libras open up even more sexually and really embrace everything sensual about themselves. Libras will admire Aquarius’s unique, creative mind and phenomenal work ethic. Aquarius will appreciate Libras great looks and sense of style. They are both social and enjoy philanthropy and activism. Everything is all cookies and cream until Aquarius gets mad. They are the best at putting people on ice and acting outright cold. This will drive Libra crazy. Libras clinginess may irk Aquarius since they tend to be detached when they’re in their zone. Aquarius have an active imagination and they also over analyze everything.  So their mind is constantly at work. Sometimes, Aquarius’s thoughts overwhelm them and put them in a sort of funk. And in this funk, they are distant, quiet and irritable. Libras kill their vibe by constantly asking whats wrong. And when Aquarius answers with a shout of silence, Libras will become enraged and immediately go into defense mode, taking the silence extremely personally. But, the good thing about these two is that they are so physically attracted to each other and have so many other similarities, that the good will outweigh the bad. If Aquarius can make an active effort to be more expressive and tame that ugly side and Libras promise to give Aquaris the space they need to think, then this has a really good chance at working out!

Libra and Pisces: 3/5

Water and Air signs tend to get along for the most part. They tend to have similar “go with the flow” attitudes considering that the one is the tide of the ocean and the other is the blow of the wind. These are two emotional signs but Pisces has a way of hiding that from people. Pisces are typically shy and have a hard time opening up to people. Libras naturally charming personality lighten ups Pisces world and they truly cherish all the beauty that Libra brings. Pisces are analytical and technical in love and in the professional life. 2+2 simply has to equal 4 or Pisces will not be able to grasp the concept, and will no longer want to.  Again, creativity is highly valued for a Libra so they will connect and appreciate Pisces love for theatre, design, and anything artistic. These two signs push each other to be better and do better. Pisces come off as tough but they are actually really sensitive and need reassuring to feel complete. Libras have no problem reasoning with them but that’s only when their not worried about themselves. Because Pisces can be so selfless and a great ear, Libras tend to forget they need advice too. They want to be greeted at home with flowers too. Pisces can come off as a little judgey so sometimes Libras may not feel they can be totally honest with a Pisces, which of course, leads to all kinds of problems. But with some work, this could be a successful match.


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