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Social Medias
Twitter: @asteriskbrand @nayslayerr
Instagram: @asteriskthebrand @nayslayerr
Define your clothing Brand
-Asterisk*The Brand is a crochet work and re-work clothing brand that encourages people to take risks and follow the desires of the heart #RiskTaker
What is unique about your clothing brand?
-Asterisk*The Brand is unique because of how the clothing is made. We mix crochet patterns with other clothing materials such as denim, polyester, and spandex. We also aim to redefine what crochet is in the eyes of the public. Yes, your granny probably crochets, but your girlfriend can too. We add a millennial touch to what so many of us have known to be an “archaic” form of art.
Who is the face behind it?
Janaya Hampton @nayslayerr is the founder and designer of Asterisk*The Brand
Three things about we don’t know about you?
Wow, there is so much shit that people probably don’t know about me! But:
  1. I played volleyball my entire life (including college)
   2. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorporated, Alpha Chapter
   3. I loveeeee natural hair and protective styles
What events have y’all done pop-ups at?
Asterisk* has held two pop-up shops and one fashion show since its inception: 1 Fashion show with Howard University’s Spring Fest; 1 pop-up with Howard University’s Spring Fest; 2 pop with Hair Are Us’ All-Star Weekend expose’ in Los Angeles.
Describe asterisk* in five words?
-Asterisk* in five words: 1. RISKY 2. Unruly 3. Art 4. HYPE 5. Motivational
Any brands you want to collab with?
OMG there are so many brands I want to collab with!
I really want to work with God is Dope, All Homage, Matte Brand, Off-White, and Nike, in due time of course!
Who or what inspired your brand?
My mom inspired me a lot. She taught me how to crochet when I was 10, so she definitely was the foundation of my inspiration. I am also very inspired other female-run brands like Grayscale and Matte Brand
Who inspired your business mindset?
My mother always stressed to me that business is what makes the world go round. So she instilled in me that no matter what I do in life, I have to start something for myself that I would be the boss of.
Biggest brand ambassadors? Who do want to be a brand ambassador?
ME. lmao kidding but as of now I’m most definitely the biggest brand ambassador for Asterisk*. I wear my clothes everywhere! I would love to have anyone that embodies the #risktaker message as an ambassador. Some people I have in mind are: Braxattacks, AlyssaForever, and Domyenn
Any S/Os?
Shout out to Khala Jones (@khalawhitney): she is the owner and designer of @fromgrayscale.  I admire her work ethic, and I love her designs
Kamille Jemison (@Kamillealyse) she is a self-made boss that has always been in my corner when I have to make tough business decisions
Amanda Scott (@instamandaaa) she is the amazing PR manager that helps me navigate this new journey I have embarked upon!
Spell out your brand name with a word:
Thinking and
Risks and
Impacting the
Search for
Spell your personal name out with a word
Journeying to
Year after year

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