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The DMV Daily Interviews: LU



Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Lu, I’m a portrait photographer straight out of Baltimore, I’m 19 years old and I plan on having my own photography business by the age of 21 with at least 10 aspiring photographers on my roster.

Social Media:

Instagram: @Hotboyluvy

Three things we don’t know about you

My birthday is in June, I’m a stylist too, and I don’t let anything hold me back from what I want to achieve.

Any Influences that steered you into becoming a photographer?

I’ve always been interested in early 2000’s aesthetics and clothing.  I never got a chance to really live in and experience that era.


Tell me about your photography style and has it changed over the years?

My photography style is strictly portraiture. I like giving people who don’t normally view themselves as models an opportunity to join me in creating something special and beautiful.

Name at least five people you would love to shoot.

I really don’t care, I’m not trying to be one of these photographers who out here shooting celebrities or people with a big following just to make some decent coin. That’s wack and weak; I’d rather work with someone who has absolutely no experience and grow with them.

Spell out each letter in your name with a word that describes you

L- Lover


U- Understanding

 What is your definition of success and do you feel like you have reached a level of success with your passion.

My definition of success is making a huge profit off your specific craft and not giving an absolute fuck about what society has to say.

I would say I’m not successful yet in my passion because I haven’t reached my specific income goal and I haven’t gained the exposure I strive to have.


What is some advice you would want to give to a young artist trying to find their big break?

I would say that you should stay true to yourself and craft and to never give in to what the social “norm” is.

Any shoutouts?

Shout out to my momma for creating a God



Stay down til you 6 feet down in a box, Peace, and Love – Lu