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The Recent Success of DMV Sports: Will It Spread?



Some argue against it and some wholeheartedly agree: The success of sports teams in a city spreads to the other in that city.

With the recent championship from the Capitals, The Mystics and Captial City GoGo opening a new complex, DC United finally moving out of RFK, UMD Lacrosse being dominant, and the Nationals hosting the MLB All-Star Game; things are looking up. Although their record is a little rough, the Nationals has won the NL East 4 times in this decade. The Caps, they have dominated the NHL for a while. We know that the DMV is always winning on the HS level. But there are a few teams that might be ready to peak or just fail again.

But what are the chances of the other major teams and programs in the area feeling the same type of success? Let’s break down the chances of other teams in the area taking advantage of the recent success.


Washington Redskins: Coinflip

Packers, Saints, Falcons, Eagles (Twice), Texans, Cowboys (Twice), Jaguars, Titans.

These games are why the Redskins success this year is a coinflip. Their schedule determines a lot. The team can be good but if the Skins don’t win at least half of these, their success will be minimum. It sounds direct but its true. With Alex Smith now at the helm and Jay Gruden basically on the hot seat, the team has to win now. But back to the success part, the Redskins can take advantage of the wave of interest within the area. It comes down to winning.

Washington Mystics: Very High

The WNBA’s Mystics has a good chance of going deep into the playoffs like last year. Also, they are currently first place in the East. Yes, I know the majority of the league has the same record but let’s give the Mystics some shine. The WNBA is having a good increase as of late and the Mystics are apart of it. Elena Delle Doone is 3rd in the WNBA in scoring (20.7 ppg). That’s the true anchor of the team as well as Kristi Toliver and Ariel Atkins.


The Mystics has a good shot of winning a title. They can easily take advantage of DC’s success as of late.


UMD Football: Somewhat High

If QB’s Tyrrell Pigrome and Kasim Hill did not get injured, UMD would’ve won a bowl game last season. Of course, most people won’t know that but I’m letting you know. Coach DJ Durkin is a former assistant from Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh program and he has the program moving in the right direction. I expect UMD to be more explosive and competitive this year with a healthier and more experienced team. Oh yeah, their new offensive coordinator just came from LSU. Maryland is quietly putting the pieces together and we will see on September 2nd when they face Texas.

UMD Basketball: Low

UMD Basketball is at a crossing point. The Terps missed the NCAA Tournament and even the NIT. They are coming off their toughest season in the Big Ten and Mark Turgeon is looking for more. Justin Jackson and Kevin Huerter were drafted and Dion Wiley transferred. Former player Damonte Dodd was in the news recently dealing with rape charges. Anything can happen in College Basketball but UMD’s success is gonna come from their gameplay only. The FBI has a major investigation going on in CBB right now and UMD is somehow in the conversation.

Let’s just say that winning will ease the tenseness in College Park right now.


Georgetown Basketball: Medium

Georgetown has a little more to look forward to than UMD. Patrick Ewing had a decent 15-15 season. Although it’s not like their standards, the Hoyas had a lot of close wins and losses last year. That fact has a huge upside to look forward to.


“From 1984, when Georgetown became the first all-black team to win an NCAA men’s Division I national title, to 1994, there were only three white players on the roster. Georgetown is the only Power 5 school that hasn’t had a white player average double figures in the past 40 years. Thompson started just one white player in the last 26 years he coached.” – ESPN The Undefeated

Oh yeah, Georgetown has one of the most anticipated recruits coming to their campus in a while, and he’s white. Max McClung is that guy. He broke Allen Iverson’s state and single-season records for scoring in Virginia. He trends every time he touches a court. He’s gonna bring some magic on the court that appeals to the white fans and the black ones as well. Their success is very possible.

Washington Wizards: Medium

The Wizards will once again find a way to be mediocre in the East. But King James is now gone which means that only Boston, Philly, and Toronto can truly give the Wizards some issues in the East. Expect Detroit and Milwaukee to be in the mix but John Wall’s squad can look at a deep run in the East playoffs. But fans are used to that. Most of the NBA has no chance at a title so Wizards fans must take whatever success is produced this season. Can they catch on? Maybe.