Amazon unveiled plans for the eye-catching, 350-foot tower to anchor the second phase of its renovation plans in February 2021. The new office towers will house Amazon’s second headquarters, which is estimated to employ more than 25,000 people once completed.

The helix is one of the numerous office structures approved, yet it distinguishes out. The spiral design includes a walking ramp that wraps around the structure and is filled with trees and flora to simulate a mountain trip.

The facility, according to Amazon, is intended to help people interact with nature, and the outdoor mountain climb will be open to the public on weekends.

Since then, the plans have been subjected to Arlington County’s well-known comprehensive assessment process, which has included multiple public meetings. The county planning commission voted 9-0 in favor of the project earlier this month.

The County Board approved the plans 5-0 on Saturday. They will also include park space and a community high school, as well as ground-level shopping.

Amazon has stated that it hopes to finish the project by 2025.

Because skyscrapers are prohibited in the District of Columbia, and the Amazon towers will be among the highest in Arlington County, the helix will dominate the region’s skyline like no other structure except the Washington Monument from some viewpoint points.

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