Google announces Virginia expansion alongside Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Google announced intentions to create 12,000 new positions throughout the country on Tuesday.

Google presently employs 480 Virginians full-time, with 170 of those positions established since the pandemic began.

On Tuesday, the business announced a big investment to expand in Virginia this year at Google’s Reston office, alongside Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

“Google plans to invest $300 million in Virginia this year,” stated Google Vice President Vince Cerf.

In addition to Google’s expansion in Virginia, which implies additional jobs, Google announced a $250,000 gift to CodeVA and a promise to collaborate with Virginia institutions.

“We will make Grow with Google professional credentials available to the state’s 23 community colleges and five higher education centers,” Cerf stated.

“This award to CodeVa to develop connections between CodeVA and the Commonwealth, as well as our lab school plan to build a network of computer science lab schools across the Commonwealth, is an exciting day,” Youngkin said.

Virginia will also join the National Governors Association’s k-12 computer science compact, according to the governor.

“In our K-12 curriculum, we’re going to double down on computer science. When I say double down, I mean double down, because all of our students across the state require these important skills.” – Governor Youngkin


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